Who wants to talk me out of ditching my A4?

I’ve been using the DT a lot lately for sequencing and riffing with my other synths. And the new update is really great to this end.

I haven’t used my A4 a lot lately, and the thought has crossed my mind to sell it and maybe get another cheaper mono synth or two for some different flavors and just sequence everything with the DT (when I want Elektron sequencing).

I still like the A4, I just don’t know if it’s really filling a need that I can’t get out of the DT and my other synths right now.

My current setup:
Prophet Rev2
Moog Slim Phatty

Maybe something like the 0 Coast or Strega would add some depth to my setup? Perhaps one of those and a Volca? I’ve even entertained the IK Uno, which some might scoff at, but I thought the demos were pretty cool for a cheap little mono.


Take a look at the current prices of monomachines, and ask yourself if you really need to sell it.

Between what you have I don’t think you’re in need of adding anything really. Peak, Rev2, Hydra are all very powerful. Consider pushing what you already have further than looking for depth in something new. Poly synths can do the mono synth thing too, especially the ones you already have that come with various filter options.


You sound like a sane thoughtful person. Make sure you really don’t need or want the A4, and once you do sell it. You’ve got a lot of great equipment, you really don’t have to have more, pause and use what you have for a while, 'cuz you have the keys to nirvana already.


I’m interested in making music and exploring gear, not collecting gear for future profit. Mine is an MKII, I don’t think those will be as hard to come by as a monomachine for many years to come.


I get this ethos.
I’ll always be able to get something out of my polys, I can leave them for a while and come back and they’re just like new. But I’ve been living in them for the last two big projects and I’m just looking for a little different flavor/experience.

The A4 is more of a performance controller with a synth engine.

Programming it, using it to sequence cv gear, overbridge… etc are what it is good at. You have plenty of synths already, so the A4 may seem unnecessary.

If all you need is a specific type of sound, selling it to go for a no-fuss synth makes sense.

I was close to trading my Roland A-01 for an A4 MK1, but then the seller raised the price on it out of nowhere. = (

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yeah totally,
the A4 was my first Elektron, and for learning the flow, it was really great. But, now that I know the deal, I don’t know how excited I am for the sound and I don’t really use the performance features.
For me, the sequencer overlaps with the DT (which is a STEAL for what it is) and I think for mono sound sources, there are cooler options for me.

I’m shocked no one has mentioned modular yet :sweat_smile:

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Try your A4 as a drum machine, and also use poly before considering selling.


Funny you mention that, for the first 6 months I had it, I used it mainly as a drum machine.
Then I moved on to arpeggios and bleep bloops.

I find the poly use of it a little cumbersome.

I feel like the thing I might miss the most is sound lock, especially using an LFO for it. I keep thinking that makes it worth keeping, just for chaos.
I don’t know

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All that being said, I will definitely be sampling my drum sounds off it to use with the DT, if I end up getting rid of it


For whatever reason I haven’t played my A4 in about a year… I often forget I have it. Still I’m not sure about selling it, figure I will come back around and explore it again. Even if just to build and sample little loops off it. I don’t really enjoy using more than one elektron at once and really have fallen for the digitakt workflow aswell.

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Yeah I feel this

I think I can do whatever the A4 does with the DT and my synths. Except sound lock, unless I sample

As far as Elektron gear, I think the DT is the most useful for lots of stuff.
If I only had the DT and the Heat, I’d feel like Elektron did me right

I am in a similar boat. A4 was my first Elektron device and we had a great run. I then got the Digitakt as well as a few other synths and the A4 fell by the wayside. A couple things have kept me from getting rid of it.

  1. I have a lot of material stored on the A4 I feel like I would kick myself for losing years down the road.
  2. I feel like there could very likely be a rekindling love with it at some point - it is a fantastic, innovative machine after all.
  3. There is not a lot I feel I could get that would be better for the low amount they sell for used these days.

I do feel bad for letting it sit neglected though. I always feel like instruments should be used. Ultimately, I will hold onto it until I am positive I’ll never return to using it in any meaningful way.


The A4 is a pretty nifty device, I miss mine a bit.

I say hold onto it as it is a very nifty 4x mono synth, 1x synth, drum machine etc.


Ditch it, send it to me, and I will make good use of it.

Only half joking, but don’t think we are local to each other, maybe find a local swapsie / trade for a bit (or permanent) for a semi-modular synth, as I think that will tickle your fancy.

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Before you do anything…

Run the MC in through the A4 inputs. Use the FM percussion sounds as oscillators on channels 3 and 4…and give the MC the plockable analog filters it deserves…


It would fetch a better price here in my new Aussie home than back in the US.

Maybe this lockdown is giving me too much free time to think about gear.

Good idea, but I have the AH to run stuff through for Analog goodness.
What would I gain here?

'straylia tax on the old dollarydoos

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I will always keep the A4, even if its as a plockable 4 x dual analog filter bank that i can send any sound through…suddenly any bit of kit gets interesting, old casios, crappy drum machines and samplers from cash converters. All become mere oscillators that feed the A4s HP and LP dual filters and FX…

But i guess yes! AH would get you some similar results so sell away…