Who else does NOT like the MPC Live?


a stylus makes sense here


Except for making sketches, I tend to think of resorting to a stylus as an admission of a design failure. But maybe if the stylus could be used for pressure sensitivity or some other dynamic musical expression besides mere editing where dedicated buttons/knobs or yes, even a mouse would be easier, it could be a special thing indeed.


One thing that surprised me was the lack of haptic feedback from the touch screen. Little vibrations letting you know that you’ve hit a button or editied a sequence would have helped a lot. And from what I can tell there is no pressure sensitivity at all unless it’s hidden in a sub menu. I’ve given it a lot of time so far and even though it’s a cool machine and great on paper, it simply is just not for me.


Caveat #1: Based off the last OS before 2.3 / the big update they just dropped with inbuilt synths.

I feel that the implementation of the piano roll is clunky; the concept of changing tools to perform certain actions, when they could be implemented within a singular view is, well.

Mouse support would really make the Piano Roll a very powerful tool.

I find it horrendous / does my head in because of the way the Q-Link knobs / selection are “back-to-front” / non-configurable.

Off the top of my head it is hardcoded to:

LED1 : Step 16 | Step 15 | Step 14 | Step 13
LED2 : Step 12 | Step 11 | Step 10 | Step 09
LED3 : Step 08 | Step 07 | Step 06 | Step 05
LED4 : Step 04 | Step 03 | Step 02 | Step 01

When I think it should be (or at least configurable to be)

LED1 : Step 01 | Step 02 | Step 03 | Step 04
LED2 : Step 05 | Step 06 | Step 07 | Step 08
LED3 : Step 09 | Step 10 | Step 11 | Step 12
LED4 : Step 13 | Step 14 | Step 15 | Step 16

I think where I find the software so clunky is that it follows the same paradigm of the “singular” track at a time view and datamodel.

If Akai had a taken a more traditional approach ala Cubase / Logic; displaying multiple tracks, with the program field displayed, I’d probably find it much more approachable.

A few more knobs / buttons would have really opened it up so, so much more :expressionless:


MIDI in only receives on a single channel right now (according to the manual & forums). Someone correct me if this is wrong. So still waiting on some feature stuff there. I’m optimistic that Akai will get to this.

It’s mainly lack of $$$ that’s stopping me getting one.


Please tell me more about your DT and 404 combo :wink: I used a 404sx for quite some time and like to hear what folks do with it.

Now I sound like a fetishist.


Oh dude it was awesome. Having the DT’s sequencing with the 404’s crazy sampling times and stereo sampling along with the MFX was wild. So many possibilities. The only downside was resampling back to the DT since it converts everything to mono. Otherwise it was a dope sampling set up. Using the midi channels on the DT to plock samples from the SP was also tons of fun, although the SP has limited external midi control.


Well, they did implement the shortcuts and they are quite good.
Not a huge fan of the new synth, nice but something’s off, not sure what, but then again my tastes are peculiar. The Autosampling though is really nice to have


So all in all I returned the MPC Live today. It’s not a bad product but it’s just not for me and I figured the longer I wait the more chance it has to get damaged in my care. I feel like if I had a lot of external gear it would’ve been much more worth it, but at this point in time I’m perfectly happy sticking with Maschine.


Good for you man. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Keep making bangers with maschine


Sometimes it’s not about the features, but if it just works good. Machine works good, and Push 2 works good.


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I totally get that. I’ve been dawless for most of my time making music (home studio setups for more than 15 years) and because of that I have always loved MPCs (up to the MPC1K/2500) and hardware samplers.

I recently got a really nice computer (needed one for work) and I decided that it was time to streamline things and give DAWs a chance again. After messing around with Logic and NI Komplete 12 over the past few days, I’m looking at my DT and thinking, I hope OB comes soon and brings something to the table or it could go at some point.


OB is till the only reason I haven’t picked the DT back up yet, although I have been mulling it over quite a bit. I loved everything about it, but with out OB I felt like I had to keep my tracks simple just to make recording/mixing in DAW easier for myself.

I do really miss just flipping the switch and going, though. It’s seriously one of the fastest ways to make beats imo.


It’s not the prettiest box. But it’s standalone and it can power a usb keyboard. It’s low key very powerful. I’m not feeling the touch screen either. But you get used to it


See for me those features are great, but it’s kinda like having a second computer with pads on it. I still have my older touch screen laptop with live 9 and a Launchpad Pro so in a sense thats as powerful as the MPC Live, albeit not as portable.