Who can sell MM + mk 2 ?)

Hi guys! I wish to buy the Monomachine. who have and wish to sell it?) Better if the someone from Europe, I can pick up somewhere in Germany, Poland or shipping to Ukraine . Let me know if you have some variants

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There is a Monomachine on Gumtree (UK) for 700 pounds. I know cause I’ve been dating it all week.

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can you give me a link please?

(I have no idea how safe it is to buy things on gumtree not locally…I only used this site once when I was in london to buy some volcas).

One in Denmark - though not with a +drive (app €800,-):


Okay thanks you. Usually peoples from such site want sell stuf local. When strangers write - sell me sent me blah blah - sounds fishy :slight_smile:

It’s safe if you use PayPal! Good price for that too

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Dont overestimate Paypal if you are a seller, it is good but not safe.

I enquired about this Monomachine three weeks ago. Never got a response.

I have MK one here locally. There is no any difference only in drive+ ?

The question was about buying though. Selling is always riskier on any platform.

I didnt get a response from the Cardiff one either

Guys its still actual. who can- let me know