White noise sampling TR09 into MkII


So there’s a noticeable white noise when I sample the TR09 into my Rytm. I know the Boutiques have had issues with ground loop noise but I have a device on the output that got rid of that issue so I’m not sure where this white noise is coming from. Could it be the level I’m sending the audio in at? A gain problem?


I’m gonna assume by the lack of replies that the answer was in the question.


Have you tried running the TR09 from batteries? to completely rule out a usb-power noise issue…


I’m fairly certain it’s not that. The device I put on the outputs of all my Boutiques eliminated that to the point where I can turn my interface volume all the way up and still don’t hear the terrible ground loop electronic hum anymore. It’s a Mpow ground loop noise isolator. I think it’s probably just the 09’s volume too high going into the Rytm. Thank you for your reply.


Fair enough, but a few AA’s will rule it out. That’s what troubleshooting is all about. You find out where the noise is coming from by confirming where it is NOT coming from.

My Monologue produces noise when the USB MIDI is plugged in, no matter how many ferrite beads are on the USB or audio cables, or ground loop isolators are in place. It gets into the signal, not the wiring afterward.

Best of luck.


Hmm, I may give that a shot then just to see. Thanks again.


Good tip. The Waldorf Blofeld is also a culprit with USB plugged in.


I noticed if you power the Boutiques with a usb ac plug you do not have ground loop noise. Had that issue before by power it through the pc usb port. Better solution then recharging battery or buy new ones. There are good ones from Ikea :wink: It seems that the cheap hardware have issues with pc and usb and creates this ground noise loop.