Which VST Compressor elysia mpressor or Alpha compressor?

Hi, today is black friday and plugins alliance has a deal, where you can buy any plugin for 99$. I can´t decide between the elysia mpressor or the elysia alpha compressor plugin.

Which fit best with Elektron gear? I have MD, Mnm and A4.

Thank you!

Ok, after looking at the features, i decided for the alpha compressor. I want to use it mainly as a master compressor.

I paid 99$ / 75€ for it. Normal price is 299$…

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Good one! Try the parallel compression preset and tweak it = very good results

I was wondering about the Plugin Alliance deal too – can’t decide whether to get the Elysia Alpha Compressor or the Museq . . . both are really nice. If you don’t already have it, the free Elysia Niveau filter is pretty useful (as is the Brainworx Cleansweep).

Then I get a mail from Waves today too – great deals on many of their plugs. Kramer Tape plug for just $79.

First World dilemmas . . .

Cool, thank you i will definately try that!

You’re welcome!

You should get the bx digital v2 if it’s on sale again. In combination with the alpha I get great results for the master bus.


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I ended up going for the Elysia Alpha Compressor in the Black Friday sale too. What a fantastic plug-in comp! Especially in the Mid/Side mode.

Plugin Alliance (Brainworx, Elysia, etc.) are having an advent sale at the momet – every day a different plugin is on sale for big discounts.

Today the Brainworx bx_digital v2 is USD 99 instead of the usual USD 329.


All plugin alliance stuff is really tops. I went with their entire bundle on the lease to own plan and could not be happier.

just wanted to let everybody know that the alpha compressor is this weekend weekend warrior. 39,99. combine with a monthly voucher I just paid 17 buckaroos. woohoo!

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Also using the alpha on the master bus and on some tracks i prevered it over the UAD SSL bus comp. bx digital v3 sits always in the first slot of my masterbus too.