Which sampler to pair the Syntakt with?

1010Music Lemondrop

its a nice machine, sounds good, easy to work with once you get around the controls.
i think ability to multisample any machine on ST and make it into a poly patch, makes it a great choice. + its small + usb host port for midi controller

there is a handful of rough edges, but it seems like 1010 is working on fixing those.
i think its the best option out there if you want a small setup.

Plenty of experiences for you to read:

HydraSynth Explorer

I have an SP with my Syntakt. I use it more for effects and resampling Syntakt loops than as a one shot sampler. It works fine for that though. Also you can easily trigger SP samples from the syntakt using midi so you keep that workflow if you want it.

I think in 2022, the digitakt is too expensive for what it does, especially if you already have the elektron sequencer in the syntakt.

The octatrack is another level I can’t comment on except that it is about three times the price of the SP…

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I found OT about thousand times more usefull than the SP (555) I bought for my son (very similar to SP 404 MKI). Ridiculous sequencer, audio editing…

I couldn’t find any use for it, nor my son.

Correct me if I’m wrong, apparently the SP 404 MKII fx can be controlled with CCs, so it can be much more interesting than other versions…

I also had an SP808 25 years ago !
Affordable direct to disc with crap 32khz recording…

On a budget I kept an MPC500, almost Digis form factor, can be interesting for velocity sensitive multi layer samples, linear midi recording, midi overdub…

An MPC 1000 is much better.
I had one JJOS2XL version with OT, best of both worlds, but it warped my head, I kept OT.

OT Sequencing randomly MPC 500


I use a Novation Circuit rhythm for my live shows and that pairs real nice. The grid fx also add a nice touch.

I miss my MPC500 I sold probably when I bought my first Octatrack (which I miss as well)… :slight_smile:

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Maybe an exchange with your Launchpad Pro ? :wink:
Kidding, for the moment…
Your Axoloti worked for Midi to USB, maybe I’d used it as a sample player…

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I tend to agree and if I were in the market for a separate hardware sampler to complement the Syntakt, I would struggle to justify the expense of the Digitakt for what it does. But to be honest, I think all hardware samplers seem a bit overpriced. I mean $500+ USD for an SP-404 MKII, that’s crazy to me. :blush:

Soo, after a couple of youtube tutorials, I’m leaning toward the SP404. The 2.0 update really fixed some of its downsides.

Can anybody maybe clarify what the differences between OT and SP404 are? Of course besides the elektron sequencer etc. which I already have in the ST

Not me, otherwise you may change your mind ! :pl:

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This is the exact setup I’m working on now: Syntakt on drums/monosynth, Octatrack as sampler (and looper/mixer/FX/etc.), and Hydra Explorer for deeper sound design, polyphony, and live keys. If @sezare56 is digging it too, I must be doing something right.

Only had the OT a month, so I’m still learning it and probably have a long way to go until I’m confident enough to perform but my goal was to have an easy to transport live setup. So much power and depth in these three compact boxes.

Edit: didn’t see the question above before posting this. But I can’t really speak to the differences between the SP404 and the OT because I’ve only watched demos of the former and I’m new to the latter. I ultimately went OT to stick within the Elektron workflow that I found to be enjoyable on the ST, and of course because it’s been around so long and so many people still rave about it and describe it as indispensable to their live setup. Haven’t really heard that kind of praise for the 404, but maybe I just got suckered by the hype.


I’d say the answer is a Digitakt, HOWEVER, my broken neurodivergant brain is having so, so, so much discomfort at having the crisp white and pissy yellow screens next to each other showing very similar info.

So the answer if you’re like me is probably the OT (but then you sacrifice being able to route the ST through the DT compressor and straight into a computer via OB.

I had an SP404 mk2 at launch and got rid of it almost immediately. Hated the workflow, hated not having filters per track, couldn’t be bothered with 90% of the fx being gimicky and awkward to use in a sensible/mix context. It really made me appreciate how much I liked using the DT and even contributed to me also grabbing an OT too.

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Didn’t they take the wavetable oscillator out of the Minifreak? It is in the Microfreak, though.

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Oh, I didn’t see that, thanks!

I have a DT and a OT on my Case. Digitakt for “one shots” and to free up tracks on the Syntakt (like sampling a combination of Digital and analog kick or use 3 tracks on the Syntakt to create Chords that I sample to the DT) and hihats as I dont love them on the Syntakt. The OT is my DJ mixer with fun Live Effects that bring me joy when working/jamming on the songs and could be used for stereo samples and longer ones like ambient sounds in the background.
if I would have to choose, I would get rid of the OT. when I am done with a song, everything gets recorded into a DAW and everything that the OT does (in my workflow) will be done there with more precision and better sound quality :slight_smile:

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OT is over complicated. SP is super fast and easy to use. Much more variety in effects on the SP. It’s also smaller, lighter and cheaper.

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