Which power cord for AK? [resolved]


I found 3 figure-8 type cords and not sure which one(s) is suitable for my AK. I’m in the U.S. and we use 120V here. These are the specifications of the 3 cords:

  • 125V 7A (additional text: LS-7J E67)
  • 125V 10A (additional text: YP-11 - E152635 - LL76398 - LR76393)
  • 250V 6A (no additional info)

The back of the AK says: AC 100-240V - 50-60Hz - 25W

There was no info on any of the cords regrading wattage. Just want to make sure I plug in the correct cord. It might not even be one of these 3 as I had A LOT of stuff laying around and I only found these 3 as far as figure-8 style cords. Thanks for your help!


All of these are fine, at 120 volts the AK draws only about 0.2 ampere: 120 V * 0.2 A = 25 W.