Which note length value for a given number of steps

Hi Elektronauts,

I want to increase the note length.
The note length parameter is available from the TRIG NOTE menu (chapter 9.8 in the user manual), but for me it’s not obvious to understand the correspundance between a particular value of the note length (which can be set between 0.125 and 128) and the duration of the note regarding the sequence.

By default, the note length is 1/16, which correspond to a length of 1 single step (in the 16 steps sequence).
But for example, which value shall I set if I want the note to play, let’s say, 8 steps ?
Is there a simple way to calculate that ?

Thanks for your help

sure, there are sixteen 1/16th notes in a whole note, so eight sixteenth notes is a half note 1/2, does that make sense?

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

By scrolling the knob too fast when selecting the note length value, I was missing the “division” values : 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2.
I thought that there were only numerical values.

no worries, there are divisions with further refinement beyond standard values, and for those you would want to reference the max resolution of the sequencer which represents microtiming,

this image was created by @avantronica and very well represents (visually) the resolution and overlap of microtiming in the elektron sequencer. hopefully if you want to get any deeper into the significance of the note length in decimal form, this will help you to calculate it.

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Thank you very much for this explanation.

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This could also be helpful in the future, I found it looking for something else in this thread.

labeled as a tempo sync delay cheat sheet but it would just assign numeric subdivisions to finer note increments than what we talked about before.

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