Which monitors do you use?

Adam S3H. Maybe one of the best purchases in my studio so far.

Still on an old pair of original Mackie 624s. …but also use a few other solutions for different listening environments.

Am considering swapping them out at some point, but other priorities…

I use Kali Audio LP-6s. Nice and tight bass response, good separation, good sound stage, overall a great offering, especially at (but not only because of) that price point.

They’ve gotten some really good press. Do you notice any hiss from them? I’ve heard that is the biggest complaint.

Neumann kh120a

Genelec 8010’s with Genelec 7040A Subwoofer.

I got the 8010’s when I was living in an apartment so I could mix without as much bass to bother the neighbors and then when I bought a house I added the 7040A Subwoofer.



KRK6, but mostly use headphones as I play when my fam sleeps.

Will repurpose them next year and have Genelecs 8010s.

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Yes, really negligible though, it’s less noticeable than it was on my JBL LSR305s.

They had some manufacturing issues at first (the first set I got was totally shot), but Kali Audio were super quick to replace my speakers with a working pair at no cost or hassle to me.

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I have Adam A7X… Decided that I should get the matching Sub 10 MK2 to go along with it. My mistake was that I didn’t know that this sub is HUGE. Is it possible to adjust my monitors and sub to the acoustics of my room? I feel my room is small for them…

you need to try several different positions in order to determine best placement for sub. Try to keep the sub at really low volume at first, if you’ve not had subs earlier you might feel the urge to overdo the sub level :tongue:


APS Klasik with Temblor T10 (Presonus Sub)

How do you like this sub?
I have it paired with Yamaha MSP-5.
At low volume, it is quite difficult to adjust.

Well, I couldn´t turn the level up neither. The T10 has a lot of power and my studio is not such big sized. The gain knob is about 5-10%.

But I like that the sub can go into very low frequency range, then the variable low pass filter option as well as the footswitch.

Beside this I´ve installed HOFA basstraps and GIK Tri Traps in the corners. Behind the sub is a GIK monster bass trap. HOFA is really good in absorbing low end.

All measured with REW. Sonarworks is also running.

But honestly, mixing without a sub is a lot better, also APS Klasik have very good low end response, better than KH120. And I only use the sub when really needed or just for fun.

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My MSP-5 indeed lack a bit of low end…
Furthermore at the moment I am set up in my living room which is quite big. Therefore the Yamaha feel the need of a sub.
I am not going to bother with bass traps at the moment since I am mainly working with headphones.

Could you elaborate about the Tri Traps ? Do you have the membrane option?

Have it without membrane and was expecting much more absorption. They are also very light and do not have any rockwool inside. Effect in REW was marginal. But they are praised for the very low end.
For the next time I‘d install HOFA Basstraps in all 4 corners up to the ceiling only.

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My studio will get redecorated shortly. As it’s quite small I’m thinking about getting a pair of Neumann KH120s. Anybody using those?

I have been using them for about three years now…Love them! Before those, I had Alesis pro linear 720 which burnt through…and not by abuse…

In comparison to those the kh 120s are a lot better in my book, but do listen to them before making your choice.


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I have a pair of Focal Alpha 50s, love them in my smallish space (although now I’ve moved I could possibly size up). One issue was that the power failed on one of them but got fixed promptly under warranty.

Old pair of Roland MA-8 monitors my dad got me a LONG time ago for my computer: https://www.roland.com/us/products/ma-8/

I use them for my small setup.

And I use JBL 3Series MKII monitors for my main jam station at home: https://www.jblpro.com/www/products/recording-broadcast/3-series-mkii

I have the white ones. Same price, looked nice.

Different gear now but here is how I use em: