Which monitors do you use?

Could you elaborate about the Tri Traps ? Do you have the membrane option?

Have it without membrane and was expecting much more absorption. They are also very light and do not have any rockwool inside. Effect in REW was marginal. But they are praised for the very low end.
For the next time I‘d install HOFA Basstraps in all 4 corners up to the ceiling only.

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My studio will get redecorated shortly. As it’s quite small I’m thinking about getting a pair of Neumann KH120s. Anybody using those?

I have been using them for about three years now…Love them! Before those, I had Alesis pro linear 720 which burnt through…and not by abuse…

In comparison to those the kh 120s are a lot better in my book, but do listen to them before making your choice.


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I have a pair of Focal Alpha 50s, love them in my smallish space (although now I’ve moved I could possibly size up). One issue was that the power failed on one of them but got fixed promptly under warranty.

Old pair of Roland MA-8 monitors my dad got me a LONG time ago for my computer: https://www.roland.com/us/products/ma-8/

I use them for my small setup.

And I use JBL 3Series MKII monitors for my main jam station at home: https://www.jblpro.com/www/products/recording-broadcast/3-series-mkii

I have the white ones. Same price, looked nice.

Different gear now but here is how I use em:


Are those the 5" or 6.5"? I tested the Yamaha HS5 against the JBL 305 recently, but really wanted to hear the 306. I like the Yamaha’s slightly more, but the extra low to be gained from a larger speaker could sway me. For the cost though, both sounded quite excellent.

Those are the 5"

Here is a picture of the box for one of em


Rokits…the last generation 4’s…love em.

I’ve got the KH310’s and they’re fantastic. The smaller model has a similar sound, but with obviously less bottom end. The smaller Genelec units are also nice.


I’m trying to trade/sell my VXT8 Krk. I cannot use those in my vibrating old apartment. :confused:
(based in Paris in case :upside_down_face:)
edit : In fact everytime I make music on them or listen to music on I say myself I won’t sell them.
That’s a bit problematic

I have installed the Adam Eve SC207. Excellent speakers imo. The stereo image is really good.

I upgraded from JBL 305 which are really good for the price. They also have an excellent stereo imaging.

I also use the 8010’s and couldn’t be happier.


Yammy HS-7s here. really like them, punchy and neutral, but as they’re my first monitors i don’t have anything to really compare them to. they do sound more neutral and detailed than when i was using (good) hifi speakers though. i.e. not a “fun” listen

Focal Alpha 50

Compared them with many others in the just music store in Berlin and the last two in my selection was Adam and Focal. Due to money decisions but with almost the same feelings about a warm, linear sound, I choosed the Focals. And I’m very happy with them.


Focal makes awesome stuff, top to bottom tier!


Looking for some new monitors for small studio around the £200 mark for the pair, looked at jbl 104 which are extremely cheap but get excellent reviews , ilouds, Adam t5v ,tannoy reveal 402 and jbl 306. Anyone recommend any of these

I have neumann kh120 expensive, genelec 8010

The iloud are very cool i d’ like to try them

For size you cannot go wrong with 8010

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The 8010’s are the monitors I always look at and want unfortunately a bit pricey for me at nearly £500 a pair :slightly_frowning_face:

The iLoud are also very good and they have a good price