Which microphone for sampling


Hi guys

I was wondering what gear you use to sample into the RYTM.
Do you plug in a microphone directly? which one?



Any microphone, basically. But you most likely need a pre-amp before the Rytm inputs.

I sometime also use the Zoom H6 (field recorder) that sports a line output.


Thank you carl. But shouldnt it be an output to the rytm?


I also use a zoom h6, very good choice… Like carl already told, you need a pre amp between the machine and the mic…


thanks! shame though!


Well, that’s the way with any device… You can also make your sample in a daw and feed the machine if you prefer


Or you could use a dynamic mic such as an SM58 with an adapter - the signal will be quieter and won’t sound the same as a condenser, but you won’t need a preamp then.


There’s a line out from the H6. Use it in mixer mode and you’re good to go.


great! its the mini jack on the front side right? so you’d need a mini jack to 1/4 inch jack cable?


because I believe the other more low end models of zoom like the zoom h2n also have a line out?