Where to put the Heat


Good morning.
I’ve currently got 2 OTs, a Virus and a DN taking up the for inputs to my Done DB4 what is like to do is have something that can gently oversee the dynamics of the whole mix.
I was thinking about the RNC or RNLA. I’ve had a Heat before and loved that too.
My conundrum is how I’d get the dynamics processor to sit over the whole mix?
Would I simply run the XLR cables from the mixer into whichever dynamics processor I choose and then onto my monitors?
Are there things that I’m not considering or unaware of?
Cheers for any advice.


That’s one option. If the mixer has main bus inserts you can put it there so the processed signal will pass through your main gain fader and VU meters. You need insert cables for that (stereo jack on 1 side, 2x mono jack on the other).


No, there’s no inserts on the mixer so I guess between the main outs and the monitors works have to be the place.


That’s similar to how I used to have my Heat setup. I went from mixer outs to Heat, which then went into my audio interface where my monitors were connected. Worked great. I have since re-arranged to put Heat on an effects board ahead of delay/reverb (experimenting with routing at the moment).


In the kitchen ? Sorry I’ll show myself out… :zipper_mouth_face:




What‘s your goal? Performance? Recording?


My intention is for performance.