Where should I begin...?

more flexibility and possibilities (OT) vs faster gratification (probably DT) :slight_smile:

the limits of the DT can also be an advantage and trigger creativity.
You might like the sound of the DT better (effects)

Since you want to record guitars (with stereo pedals?) you have to consider that DT sampling is only mono

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haha no, it’s good. im tending toward the OT, but read everywhere how complex it is, etc., so it makes me hesitate. Also, im thinking, if I go for the OT, is it reasonable to buy the MKI or the MKII…? Too many options…

I guess you have to be clearer on this workflow of yours you imagine…
Knowing there might be some differences with what will happen in reality, though : once I got into Elektron I mostly let my guitar and bass take dust. Unfortunate but very true :tongue:

Whatever you get, I suggest you don’t try to apply a workflow to your machine, but let it show you new ways to create music. More happiness this way :slight_smile:


Definitely! that sounds like a very reasonable scenario :slight_smile: But still, at least for now, I tend to work in a “song” structure. And though im very curious to explore new instruments and textures and even genres, I’m mostly looking for ways to expand it and find new ways of creating “songs”.

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Ah, to hell with it. Just get both! You won’t regret owning either. If you are anything like the rest of us, you’ll end up owning both anyway. Why prolong the agony of only owning 1 electron box? Try them both out. Bask in the infinite immediacy of the DT. Then sit puzzled for several minutes about why the OT won’t make any sound. Bang your head against wall repeatedly. Then go back to the DT again. Repeat as needed. Read this forum endlessly. Have several aha moments as realize how much easier it is to sample in a daw. Look at your computer with disgust. Back to forum. Reread manual. Wake up the next day and realize the challenges are worth the reward. Seriously though, understanding the elektron workflow takes some time. The DT is very friendly for this process. Once you start to grasp how the sequencer works, the OT is easier to understand. Welcome to the group!



I really love this community. I think that one of the reasons that im so drawn to Elektron and its various products is you guys. Every product would kill for such a community. Thank for the warm welcom, all of you!


It is fairly complex in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you should be fine. There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube (e.g. Cuckoo), Merlins guide, the manual and this forum in case you get stuck or need advice. The OT sounds like a much better fit for what you want to do with guitars and working on ‘songs’. The OT mkII is a bit more user friendly in comparison to the mkI due to more dedicated buttons. I’d say go for it rather then the DT. Most shops offer a 30 day return policy, so you can return it in case you don’t like working with it at all. Should you like it, it will probably stay with you for a very long time.

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That is, why I recommend “step by step”. Each step is quite easy. But to take in all options at once makes the OT overwhelming, indeed.

Most complaints I have heard of seem to origin by having wrong expectations and not taking some time to understand the machine … or should I say … machines :wink:

If you are the guy, who hates to read a manual or watch some tutorials and needs to have instant gratification, I would rather recommend a MPC instead of the OT. I have both and IMO both are great for similar use-cases.

IMO the major difference between OT MK I and MK II is that Elektron has changed the user interface to the better. It’s more convenient to use, knobs are at better positions, labels are better, the display is better. The sound engines are identical.

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Hello, I bought a DT as my first and only Elektron machine. And I can tell you I will never resell it. It’s a very powerfull machine that can do a lot more thing than the description says. The only drawback for me is the mono sampling. Except that, you can program or play beats very quickly. The compressor and FX are very good and output a clean quality sound. I see the DT as a music instrument and the OT as a performance tool.

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yes, I see it the same way. Digitakt works better for song-writing for me

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im starting to understand why almost everyone here has more than one Elektron device…

mainly because they are all great fun :wink:
If you really need more of them is a different question

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get the OT. I say this since you want to record guitar and bass (so you need potential for longer samples), and you want to focus on songs. DT has no song mode. OT you can arrange complex tracks to play guitar/bass along to, and do a bit of remixing/sampling/mangling at the same time. I’m assuming that’s kinda what you’re after…

and get the mkii version. it’s more straightforward to learn than the mki version. I believe @AdamJay currently has one for sale in the classifieds for a good price…

don’t be overwhelmed with learning. and don’t try to take it all in at once. start small. learn one or two new things a day. it’ll come. soon you’ll be teaching people here how to use it.


+1 for the OT.

It’s not the easiest Elektron machine but if you are prepared to give it some time. You wont regret it.

DT is awesome for rhythms… In 3m you’ll realize its limitations and want to upgrade to an OT anyway. Especially if you want to create interesting loooong soundscape sounds with guitar…

The fader action and swapping between scenes, neighbour tracks stacked together for FX, mixer capabilities, loopers and midi sequencing… i mean I may need to get a second one…


And don’t forget you can transform the DT into a super-powerful sample based synth as well!! Which makes it ever more fun to play/use.

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LOL im changing my mind with each of your comments. this is great!

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What can’t you do with Ableton Live?

Then you’ll love the OT
It’s like having Ableton Lite in a box