Where do elektron machines get manufactured?

i’m curious if someone knows for sure where our beloved machines are manufactured? All China - or maybe just the model:xy?

AR and DN in sweden, iirc black OT in Poland

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Turn them upside down and have a look.


thanks, that was too easy :smile:

My AH+FX was made in Sweden fwiw, I’ve no idea if all current devices are too at time of writing. Maybe it changes periodically or with demand etc


My M:S says made in Estonia.


Thanks all for the input, even when the solution was so easy :slight_smile:

I was asking, as someone asked me why elektron devices are so expensive. That they are made in Europe was one of my arguments, but wasnt so sure anymore, as i didn’t find any hint on the website.

North Pole isn’t it? That’s what my mummy told me last xmas


they have shortage off staff and therefore very long waiting times

Keep in mind there’s a difference between being made (i.e. assembled) somewhere, and being manufactured there. Sweden doesn’t have any microcontroller facilities as far as I’m aware :slight_smile: They might fabricate/paint the cases in Sweden, but even that would surprise me tbh, it would make them significantly more expensive.


The M:S, the pride of Estonia!
Mu isamaa, mu ônn ja rõôm, mu Samples!


i don’t expect that every part is made Sweden … but i’d imagine that “made in Sweden” means it has been designed, assembled and tested there.

I think Behringer is made in China. So only development is not done there.

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Currently, most cases are actually manufactured in Sweden. :content:


Interesting, thanks for confirming!

Yep that’s what I meant :ok_hand: Just thought it worth saying as the title is about manufacturing. Maybe just semantics either way I’m sure we’re all on the same page.

It’s kind of staggering how reliant the world is on very few places when it comes to electronic components, there’s literally no alternative.

Maybe I need to start a cottage industry making my own capacitors. “Hand made in England from Sheffield Steel” That’ll be £10 each please.


Octatracks made in Sweden sound more analog for sure! (lol)

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With the recently agreed European chips act, EU aims at 20% share of global chip production by 2030.


yeah i’m sure they had particularly chips for synths in mind :wink:

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Probably sensible to decentralise it somewhat, the chip shortage probably caused enough disruption to wake a number of people up from that reliance!

Just remember to come to Nate for your caps, I will corner the UK electronics market, please ignore the Chinese writing on the packaging I add it for authenticity.


Maybe they like to have the first productions just on hand and distribute when it’s well established?

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You could just reply “they’re not” :wink:

Decades of reliance on “JIT” process hitting the fan at C19 and derivatives.

Yeah, R&D is done well outside of Behringer.