Where can I find OS 1.22?

After installing the update comes out of such a bug


That’s not a bug, that’s an issue, perhaps a resolvable one, but it’s an issue that arose during or after an update, not because of an update, so opting for 1.22 as opposed to the latest os is not your biggest concern

have a look through the forums to get a feel for whether this exception is a hardware issue or a result of a botched update or whether it’s the result of updating from the wrong menu (that was an issue for earlier A4 os’s)

good luck, I’m sure you’re covered, but it’d be nice to be able to resolve it yourself without a return … also it’s best to describe exactly what you were doing that lead up to this to get the best answer

I have same error too , only when using with ableton and overbridge

I have from time to time, leave a message. without a reason

Some users have seen these messages from time to time. See, for example, this thread:

I would advise you to contact Elektron Support via their website.

PeterHanes, thanx! I wrote to them. waiting for an answer