When Prophet Rev 2 take +300e on retail

Hi ,
That’s crazy tought i want to get back a Prophet Rev 2 and i noticed that it’s price increased for more than 300e since last winter :expressionless:

Same for the huge price raise of the Grand Mother since it’s released

That shit starts to become a trend … :man_facepalming:

its 1500ish in thomann… I don’t remember being it less than that…

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It was 1200 when I bought mine 2 years ago (about the same price than Novation Peak)

keyboard version? really ? euro ? wow.

Desktop version 8 voices. Then bought the 8 voices card after (about 600 euros more).
So yes, as soon as confined world begun, I saw the prices jump.

yeah I think it went up $100 since release. the Moog One went up $500 and the DFAM/M32 went up $50. pretty sure it’s because of China tariffs, as it happened before the Covid crisis really hit.

yup just checked… mine was €1329 for the 8 voice keys from thomann, just last year: 28.05.2019
up to €1559 now.
hectic :-/

Why is this a thread?

This forum would be a total disaster if we did this every time the price fluctuated for every piece of gear on the market. :roll_eyes:

Could have simply been a passing thought here:


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Actualy i created this thread cause i think that is a real big deal those days
And by the past the prices of new released equipement didn’t change so much

My point is something is going on with synths industry since covid , something that affect all of us , and it’s interresting to talk about it

By the way have you noticed that’s it’s impossible to find asm synths anymore ?
Not one hydrasynth , anywhere

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Yeah i was thinking the same @JohntheSavage but now can see the op was bothered enough to want to raise it up the flagpole a bit:).

But here in the US the 16 voice rev2 keyboard is the exact same price ($1999) it was listed for two years ago when i bought it and the same ive seen it listed the entire time since. Hmmmmmm…

It’s not that I don’t get your point, or empathize with your frustration, but it’s not like there’s anything we can do about it; nor is it something we can really speak intelligently about. Unless, of course, we happen to have a synth aficionado/economist in our midst.

The effects of Covid-19 on just about every aspect of our lives (the least of which is surely the price of gear) has been, and continues to be, discussed and debated ad nauseam, on every newsfeed and social media platform, the world over. To that end, could there be anything more trivial than the price of a REV2 at this exact point in time? I think we need to resign ourselves to a degree of uncertainty, on all fronts, for the foreseeable future.

Supply lines are strained, currencies are fluctuating wildly… All to be expected.

At any rate, I maintain that this particular topic of conversation didn’t warrant its own thread, and should have instead been directed at any of the already-existing threads for the instrument(s) in question. No ill will toward you personally, I’m just saying.



i think the damage from this covid drama is much bigger then we realize, and it is affecting niche industries, like instrument builders already, but it is soon to affect other industries also. it will spill over…

But there is something called Normalcy bias

so dont expect people to discuss problems, we feel there isn’t any really. . :smiley:

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I am beginning to start to worry as well. A finance minister killed himself here in Germany because he couldn‘t take it anymore with all his insights. He says we will have hyperinflation and or a currency reform. So I better buy more synth now I can trade in later for bread and rice. No seriously… be prepared that stuff like this could happen. The money systems all crashed at one point and we are overdue. I‘m not much of a prepper but I try to prepare in multiple ways for it.


You are not wrong at all. Holding cash is dangerous right now. The problem is where to put it. Stock market bubble? Hrm… music gear? Well, to some extend, yes. Now I’m off to search for a crypto thread on here…

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(I’m selling mine (16 voice), mint condition, in case. I’m in France.
Looking for a desktop 8 voice instead.)

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Totally agree
Thank you , i’m not the (Only) crazy guy to see weak signals in this

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Everybody, PANIC!

That’s right, we’re all gonna have to use our synths as currency in exchange for bread and water. Better board-up the windows on the house, and get the run-flat tires on the truck. So much to do; so little time. :worried:

Crikey! Wash your hands, wear a mask in crowded spaces, stop partying like entitled teenagers and rationalizing every unnecessary social interaction, and we’ll get through this. Humanity has seen far worse.

I knew this thread would go this way:

“The price of ‘X’ synth went up today.”
“Must be Covid.”
“Oh no, we’re all gonna die.”

Seriously, get a grip on yourselves. :roll_eyes:


@JohntheSavage You savage!!!

You brought conversation here dude :joy:
You’re the cocky « i know everything » guy
Ee where just talking ‘bout prices , troll boy

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