When i change kits on a pattern, all patterns change to that kit... help?

Hi there,
So Im still new to the rytm, so pardon if this is something simple. I looked thru the manual several times and cant figure out whats going on.
I load a kit which Ive saved to the current pattern and all of my patterns then change to that kit. Its maddening! Is it something about the way im saving my kits in the first place? Ive been starting with the previous kit, then save it with a new name in a new slot. seems simple…

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There is a setting in the kit menu where you can retain the current kit per pattern, or change kit per pattern…

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AH! ok I just browsed thru that section of the manual but dont see it… where would that be?

Read the 4th comment in this thread…

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Is it this part?
“There is also a kit reload on pattern change option in the settings that will force the kits to be in their saved state when switching to a different pattern, if you prefer…”

If you only use Kit 1 on patterns it would mean that the other patterns would inherit the new kit

For a Pattern to have a unique Kit, you have to have some data in the pattern at the time you leave it (or explicitly save it) in which case, the Pattern will bind to the Kit ID number, if you change the Kit associated with that ID number or wipe the pattern it will change matters

Kit reload option will only locate the saved version of a Kit (erasing its temp tweaked version), it won’t do anything like the suggestion in the first reply

To bind a Pattern to a Kit you simply need to load that Kit (reference) and have it be non-empty before you select another one - remember the Kit number is stored in the pattern, not the Kit, reload on change will load the saved version of the Kit, if that’s not enabled then the tweaked buffer version of the Kit will be used (there’s only one or two working Kit buffers iirc)

Your issue relates to associating Patterns with unique Kits (ideally saved Kits) - saving a Project does not save working Kits into the saved Kit slots

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OK. Im trying to extract what that means to me… I’ve been very diligent about saving my kits the moment I start editing them. Im thinking it sounds like from the last sentence maybe youre suggesting that? I wish it were so simple.

I’m wondering if the OP is describing behavior where say, pattern 1 and 2 both use Kit 1, which is saved already. Then the kit on pattern 2 is changed to a different kit, say Kit 2, which has also already been previously saved. Then - suddenly both pattern 1 and 2 are referencing Kit 2.

I’ve seen this behavior before as well - it does not seem to be intended, ie a bug. If this is normal behavior, can someone explain a bit more clearly why this makes sense? Is it just that the pattern needs a trig, before it will “bind” to the kit?

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If a pattern is empty it will use the last used Kit (and will likely flash)

A pattern needs to have some data to retain a kit link - it is easy to p-lock an unimportant parameter to be sure of the non-zero status of that pattern

if two patterns contain data and both originally shared a kit reference, changing kit reference on one should not result in the Kit swapping on the other (if non-zero)

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