When can we expect a new public beta?

I’d like to move my setup to macOS Sierra and I’m also considering buying an Analog Heat - neither of these work with the current release of Overbridge (v1.10.1) which last saw an update on May 13. I primarily work with Elektron instruments in Overbridge, so having it working is a dealbreaker for me if I get the Heat.

It’s been about six months, can we expect another public beta at some point?

“as soon as possible” is likely the best you can expect, the delays releasing Overbridge originally should be a good pointer to the fact that there can be unforeseen issues … offering release dates is probably not going to happen again … though I guess revising for OS updates is less problematic, but perspective is helpful here too … OB wasn’t even offering full compatibility with Hosts and OSs pre Sierra, so there may be a queue

I was told a very noncommittal “soon” a couple weeks back. :slight_smile: