What's your process for breaks/pauses in the middle of a song?


When you’re programming in songmode on your A4 or AR, how do you accomplish little pauses/breaks in between say a verse and a chorus? Do you program a pattern with silence in it? Some sort of parameter locks? Mutes?

I’m curious about everyone’s workflow.


I drink a beer. :content:


I tend to use a ‘blank pattern’. That way I can decide what plays through into the blank pattern or a maybe start the next lead/bass line etc before the start of the next pattern. Particularly useful if using smallish sampled passages. P locks would work but having the blank pattern on a key helps me keep up with where I am in the song!


I also use blank patterns. I don’t have to constantly mute/unmute tracks when I’m doing sound design, work on the arrangement or mix and thus switch back and forth patterns a lot.
Also easier to remember the intentions I had and to get back into the concept of the track when I come back to older tracks.