What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it?


Sounds like primo sample material. :wink:


a lot of it is stuff from an anniversary party where various people are congratulating the couple, and the rest is the old lady herself as a 2, 3, and 4 year old. …definitely saved lots of snippets as sample fodder. and some of the records themselves were cardboard, one was metal, and the rest were styrene. all 78rpms. the damaged bits are what I imagine using the most of. a few times the records got stuck and literally created their own little techno beats. i plan to turn those into full tracks


Just got a second hand Blofeld Shadow Desktop at a fairly good price on eBay. Bought one a few years ago but it had dodgy encoders so I sent it back without really using it.

Really love those wavetable pads, especially in dub techno, and love the sound of Nave so hoping I’ll get on well with it. Not too worried about the interface as most of the rest of my kit is Elektron so I’m quite happy with UIs without too many knobs (though maybe I do need something knobby… :thinking:). Fingers crossed this one works okay!


Warm audio 73 eq. I’ll pair it with 1176 for mixing/tracking of DT and Ableton channels.


I recently got an OP-Z, I intend to use it for ironing my shirts, but I don’t think it gets hot enough… so I might need to wait for one of those expansion modules Teenage Engineering have planned for it.


A steam cleaner for the carpet. My six month old puppy peed in my studio and it stinks. My intentions are to get the smell out of my studio. :slight_smile:


Doepfer Dark Energy II as kind of an entry point into modular synth (I know it’s not a modular per se, but it does have a MIDI->CV Converter so I think it might be a good starting point). Also as a synth companion to my digitakt :slight_smile:


Intension: cleaning up messy space.
[remaining gear gets to in here. Paid for with some of the money i got from selling most of my gear. I figure it doesnt ALL have to go to rent]

Example setup. Not mine, its being built.


Nice… I just picked up a DE MkI. I’ll probably be getting a MkII or III as a companion for it soon.


SP404A, arriving tomorrow! to pair with Digitakt, planning on the two of them being working together as a sampling/sequencing/jamming/trackbuilding workstation. Other gear that I’ll be incorporating in this will be a Volca FM, Audiothingies Micromonsta, probably some random iPad stuff, and possibly some guitar stuff.

I’m pretty hyped, it’s going to be the best setup I’ve ever had. I have a cheapo Yamaha analog mixer but will likely look to bump up to something more capable down the road (that Roland MX1 looks pretty sweet… or an Octatrack…)


For my birthday I got myself an OB-6 desktop.
At first I intend to fill a good part of the patch memory.
Or just have fun with a loop and keep tweaking :smile:


yepp. when i tried it out in the music store, after 15 seconds I knew this was gonna get me towards dark berlin techno…
still not really there tho


happy birthday then : )


latest purchase: the cleanest Korg Mono/Poly you can imagine.

intention: to teach my Perfourmer about his ancestors.


Behringer PX3000 patchbay. The most boring piece of gear I’ve ever bought is also the most practical. A real timesaver and headache minimizer. Superfast insert patching of my stomp and modular FX into synths before hitting my MOTU 828s. Easy patching of ITB sound sources (samples, soft synths) with my outboard FX. No more faffing with cables flying everywhere. Happy days.


I sometimes wonder if I should get a patchbay and figure out how to use one… In my current state, it’s not required, but perhaps in the future.


That’s a funny lookin iPad, I didn’t know they made them with handles now!


It’s actually pretty straightforward once you wrap your head around where the patchbay sits in your signal path. In my case it sits between all my outboard gear and my audio interfaces. So immediately I needed twice as many cables e.g. synth > cable > patchbay > cable > audio interface input. These cables plug into the back of the patchbay.

Once its all plugged in at the back, I can use the front of the patchbay to re-route all the ‘default’ routings at the back. For example, I have my Sub 37 plugged into the patchbay which then goes into an input on my interface. I also have the in and out of a distortion pedal plugged into patchbay. These are the ‘default’ routings. But using a couple of patch cables and the front panel of the patchbay I can easily insert the distortion pedal between the Sub 37 and the audio interface. Superfast, super simple and I can see exactly what’s going where.

Here’s the guide I used to set mine up:


Latest purchase an OB6. Intention… To get lost in dreamy pads, for quite some time !


I have always wanted a mono/poly. Enjoy…i am super jealous.