What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it?


Multitimbral would be amazing, but sadly, no. It is a great synth though and at a good price.


Empress echosystem (trying it out last few days on vocals, guitars, and the sub Phatty)

Moog expression pedal (my first and I love it!)

Meris ottobit jr (in the mail to me)

Red panda tensor (in the mail to me)

Empress midibox2 (in the mail to me)

The real intention is to make relatively traditional vocal melodies etc into something way more weird! The echosystem only got me about a quarter of the way to this conceptual destination! So onto stutter and full reverse modes we shall go!


Novation Bass Station II.

I intend to use it for bass and lead duties but also take advantage of the mod and pitch bend wheels for my Digitone. Running the BS II through the Digitone at the moment and it sounds great with the DN reverb on it!


My DFAM is arriving tomorrow and I intend to make some noisy techno mayhem with it!


push 2 for 140 is a steal…a steal of the year.

you robbed the person

you should turn yourself to the GAS authority .


DoOd! My Samson mic stands have outlasted every brand my band mates have paid top dollar for. Good call


I use Furman power conditioners all over the place. Live and at home. They are great and Ive had excellent customer service


I just bought a $20 Midisport 2x2 interface off Reverb.com. I recently bought an old Ensoniq EPS like the one I had in 1989. I intend to use the Midisport to connect the 30-year-old EPS to a 20-year-old G3 iMac I had lying around in order to have some fun with some of my favourite OS 9 sample-editing/synthesis programs like Alchemy, Turbosynth, and Infinity looper. Gonna re-live the frustrations of old! I’ve just tested the connection between G3 and EPS using one of my main studio interfaces (eMagic AMT-8) and it all seems to be working:


I got a Bastl Dude (portable, battery powered, 5 channel, mono mixer smaller than your hand), arrived yesterday. Sounds better than I thought it would! I’m pumped about it :heart_eyes:

I bought it to use with a portable set up (Volcas, Op-1, P.O.'s, ect)… I want to start making little jam videos with portable gear.


Yes that would be the steal of the year, but missed communication…
Launchpad Pro not Push 2 :smile:


Digitone here, just for test the FM, but i fell in love of this little machine, and a good partner of my other gear.


Ordered (once again) an iConnectMIDI4+. I liked the one I had in the past.

I could have gone cheaper, but the included power supply allows me run it stand-alone as a MIDI host while also charging my iOS device.

I intend to raise my audio interface off the desk by 1.46 inches.


Most recent purchase was izotope music production suite 2.

Used the RX7 to finish digitizing these records from 1947-1954 for an old lady. They were family recordings from their home. That must have been quite the tech to have back in the day.

Used ozone 8 advanced to finish up a few recordings.

Last synth purchase was Op-Z, and I plan to use it (and already have) live but now with a projector. (Still need a decent projector… piqo piqued my curiosity but was pretty spendy)

Next purchase is my pre-ordered Pulsar-23.


I need to pay attention…:blush:


I sold mine when I needed some cash, and elektron sells quick. Miss the little bugger. Want to get a replacement.


I used the infallible method of buying the mic stand closest in price to the minimum for free delivery from Bax to decide which one to get in the pre-Xmas sales. Seems solid and does the job.


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It’s great right ? :slight_smile:
I’ve had it for some days now and i’ve been falling from one amazement into another .
Apart from it being super versatile… the bass in that thing , my god ! :slight_smile:


Digitone. To do lots of super crazy awesome beautiful lush mesmerising harsh heavy sounds.


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