What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it?


I got one just before Christmas and I love it just so damn fun. And portable! :grimacing:

Edit: my only intention is to use it to make some damn music. Pray that the kids will provide the opportunity to meet that intention. :grimacing::woman_facepalming:t2:


Make it a Chinese New Year Resolution :smiley:


How are you clocking it with the DT? I really like a lot of Bastl’s stuff as they’ve got bags of personality and generally sound pretty good. I’ve only got the first Kastle and Microgranny… swithered about the Bitranger, Softpop and Thyme a few times.


Picked up a few “Christmas gifts.”

Digitone - trying to mimimalize my setup to DT, DN, AR (the AR is a future goal).

Schiit Magni 3 - helps get a clear signal for monitoring while keeping levels low.

New year’s resolution - minimize and make my production set-up and live set-up more efficient.


Bought a Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water, which I’m feeding my Lyra-8 into, then out from the Shallow Water into a Neunaber Immerse. The Shallow Water is beautiful, I wish they did a stereo version. Also have a Montreal Assembly CT5 arriving this week, which I am going to use with my Dreadbox Nyx :slight_smile:


The Heat doesn’t even have those features! lol


Bitranger has clck in which can be audio signal.
I just send the signal from the digitakt’s headphone out to this clck in.


The Re-Heat does…


Oh shit! Is that a NAMM 2019 leak?! lol


There will be a Analog MicroWave revealed soon, I’m certain.


a new ACB emulation of the original acb emulation of the TR8 and TB3

new Digital tech has allowed them to emulate old digital tech , although it might not actually sound identical when you get it home … once reality sets in they’ll introduce the add on ‘excuse’ pack with classics such as ‘they’re old and all sound slightly different’ , and the old favourite ’ we’ll fix it in an os update as we just needed the cash and thought we’d fix it later’ … which never happens.

they’ll ignore the bits they couldn’t emulate properly last time , and use a bit less green.
bring on the clones…


They cost also a bit less “green”, so I think that’s okay.


same here. so badly. can the 8 voices be split like the digitone here? so you have two melodies / patches going at the same time? i heard some demos where it sounded like that…


dont really know anything except this performance, that I found the other day:


digitone. intention: i did not want to spend 1 more night contemplating why or why not buying it. didnt regret


JBL Eon 610 powered speaker, so I can be self contained at small gigs, yoga studios, etc.


ACB is just fine. The term is obviously just yet another marketing term for modeled virtual analog. There are plenty of terms out there for the same thing. IMO, it sounds very good. This is from my perspectives of enjoying digital synthesis, having owned some of the original Rolands that these model, and as someone that designs analog synth circuits. There’s as much variation between the old analogs as there is between these digitals and those analogs. There is a small amount of “magic” to analog synthesis, but at least with the TR-8 and TB-3, I’m not all that concerned. Just received them, and so far they’re providing exactly the sounds I was looking for. I have enough analog synths at my disposal (unlimited really as I can just build more at any time) to where mixing those with these recreations, and then some purely digital devices like the DN/DT, will yield nice results.

Anyone still nitpicking over digital synthesis or digital recreations is doing just that. Nitpicking. There’s room for all of it. Personally, I’d take the TB-3, or a Cyclone TT-303 over a real 303 any day of the week purely from a programming standpoint. To me, programming a real 303 (while not exactly difficult) just isn’t fun. Same thing with the 808. I really don’t like the classic programming methods of these devices. Sure, you get used to them until they’re transparent, but give me modern convenience over that any day, and I’ll be perfectly happy.

I wanted a close approximation of the hollow-sounding 303 square wave with a sequencer that can do what a 303 does (and then some). The TB-3 does the trick. One could side-by-side all the analog and digital recreations with the real thing, and pick this or that apart, but it sounds good.

Anyway, I agree. There’s nothing wrong with ACB. :smiley:


Latest purchase - Eventide H9.

Intended use - sending my listeners minds into other dimensions!


No, it’s monotimbral, unfortunately.


I got mine for $142 USD. Basically brand new. All boxes and cables etc.