What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it?


Call alto music, they generally have great b-stock deals. Even on the newer x-models.


I have a MOTU 8A and Ultrlite AVB combo that i love. But they have started randomly losing connection and/or causing my mac to restart. Ive NEVER had a mac restart randomly. (Diagnostic says my machine is fine).

So this is why im looking at Apollo. Do have one? If so, is it that much better?


Re: MOTU. Very strange. Do you have another cable to swap/try?
Using TB2 or USB?

Have you contacted MOTU support?

Jumping ship to the tune of a $2200-$2500 Apollo x8 seems like throwing the baby out with the bath water. You could get a used Satellite Octo for $699 if you really want that UAD.
I find the MOTU “British” EQ and their DSP comp and LA-2A all fantastic for recording through.

PM to discuss . I don’t want to derail the thread further. :slightly_smiling_face:


I bought my mum a microwave.
It goes bleep , makes a kind of drone sound , fizzle and sizzle noises.
Leaving things in it with longer times makes louder noises , it’s very analog .
£55 from Argos
I read it’s the model that Ae plan to use on their next tour.


You say ACB is a joke but there are endless reputable reviewers online who say its its amazingly accurate. Who are we supposed to trust?? I think its awesome and does a great job and because of ACB I have 7 vintage Roland synths and drum machines. I will say the Analog Heat and some EQ definitely spices it up.


Saw one of those at a pawn shop in San Diego after I had just bought a Rev 2 a couple months ago. How’s it sound?


Those pads. Don’t know if for listening to audio or going to bed. They look like soft pillows.


As far as I can tell, yes.


This is my latest music-related purchase and I’m glad that I did. Good stuff.


Finally got an SP-404sx…
Been wanting one for sometime now. I resisted buying it since I got myself a DT last year, but its been a year and I’ve been getting into lofi hiphop a bunch so.
Funny thing is, I did lots of FX racks in ableton that mimics the FX I hear on the SP-404, so I think I’ll mainly use it for Open Mic nights type of thing and for instagram videos. I’m curious about what it can do in general too.


overall sound quality is just excellent.
ROM sounds are dated to some degree, but those E-mu leads :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart: i love them from the 1st minute, and even going to sample just in case the box dies.


Peak is also my latest purchase. Bought it mainly to do pads, atmospheres, keys, trad poly things that were taking too long with my D-05. But the unison and modulation options mean I’ve been getting loads of drum sounds, thick bass, FM blips, all sorts of stuff. It’s a very nice and flexible tool.



mom, i can sing!


Yeah. Its hard to not get lost with this thing :wink: And the new Update makes it even better! Though its a shame that LFO1 and LFO2 are bound to the traditional Mod-Matrix and cannot be used with the new FX-Matrix while LFO3 and LFO4 can be used everythere. Still try to get my head around this decision, but its just a minor thing tbh. The rest makes more than up for that :slight_smile:


V Collection 6. For seasoning tracks made with hardware after the fact.


Bought VPS Avenger it’s the best VST synth to me. Sound great if you know what you’re doing, capable of all sort of stuff. it’s damn powerful and give me all I want (tools) to design my sounds. There’s so many great ideas in this VST Synth. it’s a powerful workstation EQ gives spectrum, OSC Tab can be rename, it makes granular, wavetable, single cycle (shapes)… That’s the first time I have NO COMPLAINT at ALL… It’s the kind of thing I dream in the hardware territory…

So now my TOP VST List is :

Accusonus REGROOVER PRO (I can’t live without it)
VPS AVENGER (Main Synth)
SERUM (Wavetable Synthesis)
LOOM (Additive Synthesis)
CHROMAPHONE 2 (Physical modeling)
ABL3 (Acid sounds)
IRIS 2 (Spectral sound design)
DIVA (VA Substractive)
REPRO 1&5 (VA Substractive)
GRANITE & PADSHOP PRO (Granular Experiment)
Credland RADIO (Fun to mimic OP1 with radio directly on the computer)
Reason Vocoder or Isotope Vocal Synth to pass Beats through

Drum Sound Design specific
DrumSpillage 2
Softube Heartbeat
VPS Metrum


You’re in for a treat then! How are you planning on routing those items? delay->reverb->Heat? I’m always curious what solutions others come up with.

The last piece of gear I bought was either a bastl microgranny (impulse buy) or a Dot Chaser from Retroactive Pedals (tape delay sorta thing).

With the microgranny, I was planning on having a portable lo-fi sampler / granular processor. I haven’t put it to much use yet. I still think it has a place. With the Dot Chaser, I was inspired by Blank For.ms jams on instagram, but I can’t seem to get it to mesh with my gear. I might move it on before too long.


Just bought a Fender The Edge Deluxe combo amp. Will probably use it to play guitar through.


At the moment I’m going RYTM into Heat and Heat into OT and then the Ventris and Nemesis set up on the Cue Outs. I record what I want into the OT and arrange everything and then switch around the Heat and OT and record through Heat into Ableton. I’m an OB Beta tester so OB is being used to get the audio from OT into Ableton. Its also possible to pull stems from the OT’s card into Ableton.
Sound quality and sound design possibilities are pretty immense. :slight_smile: I think I’ve found my perfect setup.


Ouch ! Just go meself an Empress Echosystem at half the price… 2019 might be an OT cue cue cue.