What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it?


I’m in the honeymoon period so my like to this controller is heavily biased.

Do you have maschine, Mpc studio, or cubase? They all have some sort of good chords and scales mode built in too.

If you don’t want to learn theory and just want something to play against that is what I use as my session player for I strummers, even when I fail with this I can always fall back on those three options.


Squarp Pyramid.

Great first impression. Ticks a lot of boxes. Can’t believe I’ve always looked at it before thinking “meh”, when it really has a loooot of great features. Had a little track going within 20 minutes of jamming a bit with it this morning. So many nice features.

I want it to be the composing hub for the studio, and aiming to make an EP using it alongside Analog Four and Analog Rytm.

If that works well, the show will go on. Hopefully it’ll be the centerpiece for a long time!


I have an MPC Live but never really used it that way, might be a good idea. Pads are not ideal for this task but I think I’ll make it work with my Keystep.

The Novation looks like a seriously good hardware controller though.


Really clever idea making the Launchpad work like a monome (mlr?) by using follow actions. I picked up a Pro myself recently, really like it except the lights are insanely bright, even on just USB power.


Check out pad perform mode in the manual. Load up your favorite vst. Piano/ Rhodes . You can spend a good two hours getting some good riffs then print it out later for use.


I have taken the plunge into modular, I have been skirting the fringes with a few semi modular synths for the past couple of years. I decided to just bite the bullet and buy a case and a fee modules. My intention is to have a self contained unit to jam with and use in productions, sample into Digitakt. I am hoping if anything it calms my GAS although I know modular can actually make things worse!! Anyway looking forward to learning the patchy ways !


I got a Roland A-01 for Christmas from my wife but I have not had any time to check it out yet due to family visits over the holiday, and a very serious bout of man-flu :rofl:

I plan on using it to sequence the System 500 and as a sound module/oscillator.


“I am hoping if anything it calms my GAS”


Hehehehhe, sorry, but it most probably won’t! It might channel your GAS into ONLY wanting modular stuff, though. :stuck_out_tongue: With modular there’s always, always, always whenever you patch a feeling of, “goddamn, if only I had this” … you’ll then proceed to research the best “this”, and as soon as you can afford it, buy it. Rinse and repeat.


Channeling it might not be too bad a thing :joy:


How are the pads on the MK3? They look lovely but I haven’t had the chance to try them yet. If they’re solid I would love a Launchpad Pro MK2 with those bigger pads.


That’s one of the things I bother me with the LPP. I wish there was a dimmer setting on it cause that bad boy is hella bright.


Oops, I did it again.

2019 was supposed to be the year of no new gear.
But then somebody in Finland put their Yamaha QY-700 for sale and I’ve been craving one for many many years. Shieeeeeet. How do I explain this to my girlfriend? Need to make a fast 355 euros back, it was earmarked for our home renovation.

Luckily I have some Sony Professional Walkmen and stuff like that lying around without use. Need to sell some. Or maybe I’ll unload some vinyl.


Never used launchpad series for finger drumming, but I use push 2, Maschine studio, and mpd 232…it’s on that level of finger drumming pad controllers. I’m impressed with how it gets low subtle playing out of the box.


Tell us more about these Walkmen…


Bought 4 pedals in a short period of time. Intend to tweak and mangle.
GFI Specular Tempus
Earthquaker Pyramids
Montreal Assembly Count To Five
Meris Enzo


Heh. I have a close to mint WM-D6C with original cardboard box etc, which I think I’m keeping but my WM-D3 gets no use anymore. Getting rid of that and maybe one of my portable Minidisc-players too. Luckily I have stuff like that lying around at a moment like this,


Can i ask if you know if the keys are the same weight/weighted the same? As on the NI keyboard i mean…


My latest buy was a ACL System-1 and a black keystep to use as synth
My intentions this year is to buy some boring studio equipment to solve the cable clutter.

  • SWITCHCRAFT StudioPatch 9625 (patchbay)

  • db25 cables

  • Power conditioner

  • 12u studio rack to put all rackunits in

  • iconnectivity mio10

  • Decksavers

But im gasing pretty hard for a Polyend seq, Polyend poly and a Medusa :joy:


A VESA stand for my digitakt. Tight spaces, it allows me to fit my MachineDrum back into the mix. I’m still reconfiguring everything to work properly(crazy midi config), maximize separate audio tracks(A4/DT OB, OT outs into the A4/DT, MD outs into UR44)

Before the stand, with just A4/DT/OT it was surprisingly fluid to jam on despite the tight space. Curious to see how the whole gang plays together.


SO broke, but considering an Apollo x8. :grimacing: