What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it?


Sorry you feel the way you do really


Latest thing I bought is one of those mini booming speakers, a JBL charge 2+ so I can jam in the kitchen with my DN, and sometimes a TB3 or Op1 going true the inputs, this speaker is so small I can take it everywhere and it keeps on going for hours and hours!


I bought a Digitakt about a month ago (my first piece of self-contained music hardware) and I’m just trying to learn how to get the best from it. I’ve realised through trial and error that there are many different ways to use this thing and I need to take my time to figure out the different workflows with it. I’ve tried making techno/electronic music with one-shot drums and one-shot bass, stab, pluck noises etc and I want to see what more I can do in that direction - @DaveMech videos have inspired me a lot.

I haven’t tried much in the way of cut+paste with loops and dusty old breakbeats yet but I feel that this may play to the strengths of the Elektron sequencer with p-locking sample start/end/length/loop parameters etc as well as pitch and filtering to take a static sample and make it something new.

I also may try (again) with eurorack in 2019. I know it’ll cost a lot of money but I think it may be a good companion to the DT in terms of using the MIDI tracks for sequencing eurorack but also sampling modular sounds to the DT. I think the two together might make for a lot of fun.


I advise digitakt + Analog heat to generate quality sentences:
beatdrum static sample (one shot works very good!) /
synthloop with essental idea research/
background vocals To catapult light in dark areas> workgood !

Dt is my suprem leader


Bought an OP-Z with the intention to have something highly portable that doesn’t need a whole lot of setup before I can get started.


Keep making vids I hope.


:scorpion::shallow_pan_of_food::radio: Same as me !


Radio mix https://youtu.be/PAYqMsBtq6M


bought mine second-hand on Reverb. a good deal.


DFAM is my latest purchase. i´ll sample the hell out of it.
i´m very happy with it so far. excellent sounds !
it´s great for making sample chains for OT (i guess)

it´s also a very nice synth. I tried different setups with quantized cv
but one of the best experiences i made with tuning the 8 steps with
a chromatic tuner. wanna try to experiment more with that and create layered sequences.

the DFAM can really sound very “natural” !!! love that.

industrial techno reznor style was not my goal with it, but to be honest
sometimes it´s hard to resist :slight_smile:

i also got an arturia keystep which i didn´t want to buy, because everyone buys it.
but now, when everybody has it anyway, i decided that i don´t care about
what other people buy. so i bought it too.

i use it for programming chord progressions (8 presets up to 16 bars - big smile)
it forces me to use my brain quite a bit, which is a good thing.
(by the way - is there a trick to copy a seq without computer ? no?)


Bogner Harlow Transformer overdrive/compressor pedal.

The tone control is great for bending analog snare drums into submission, so that is where it gets used most.
Otherwise, it is a “make something sound better” box, so I think Monologue will get the treatment a lot.


Novation sl mkiii. Used for playing scales and chords.

Also used for the circuit step sequencer.

Lastly with auto slice in live if there is a mixture of drums and melodic stuff I like to play melodic slices on keys instead of the push.


I’ve received the Digitone 48 hours ago .

  • Adding extra percussive sounds / blips /blops / zaps / swooshes… to my analogue drumcomputers (tanzbar/drumatix)
  • Adding some sinewave subbass underneath DFAM patterns
  • Use Midi CC , Trig Conditions , …and all other Elektron goodness on the Volca Sample , which will run through the Digitone audio inputs .
  • Chords / Pads / Synth Stabs


Focal Elegia headphone. Woa these things sound incredible and very neutral. I’m using them for detailed listening sessions for sound design inspiration and for producing music when I’m not in the studio.


Octa mk 2 … I needed to sample my new way of playing drums : banging my two silver spoons on the back of your ferrari


damn it better sounds incredible at that price, 899dollars! crazy, would buy a synth instead


They look sooo beautiful


Haha yeah, pretty expensive. got all the synths I want at the moment. It is essential for me to be able to produce music in a detailed way on different locations than my studio. Worth the investment. Got them at a bit of a discount though :wink:


Good luck finding my Ferrari!


I’m not a keys player, know nothing about music theory and I was thinking that a keyboard like this would help me a lot.

Do you think that these scales and chord functions would suit me? How do you like it overall?