What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


I just bought a Mellotron m4000d rack…
My intention is to feed my soul with it!


yeah I’ve always been curious about them and was after one pretty hard for about a year. tough to find one that’s in good shape that isn’t insanely expensive!

do you have an A4 or AK? the poly mode in those with some of the voice assignment options can do some pretty interesting Mono/Poly style stuff. arpeggiator or chords looping through the voices, for example. or unison mode to trigger all of them. it’s not quite the same, but it’s actually deeper and more powerful in other ways. mainly because the voices can be totally different and they’re each a complete voice (their own settings for osc’s, filters, lfo’s, amp, etc) versus sharing filter/amp/lfo’s/etc. it’s nowhere near as fun or immediate to edit the sounds though!


Just impulse bought a klark teknik pultec clone as my upcoming birthday present. For little more than a volca too! Ended up paying 200€ new for it.

Hoping it will sound at least as good as my UAD pultec mk II plugin. Will maybe flip my Tascam C-Cassette deck for it, I need 2 RU free somehow… And I rarely use C-cassette tbh. Maybe I’ll give it to me dad :diddly:


I think I’m blind now. but my ears are very happy.


I didn’t know those had FTLs built-in.


got a digitone 3 days ago. i researched everything of it and it was a hard decision because it costs in germany 600€. but i LOVE it.

i wanted to learn more about sound design and the digitone is praised for its easy to use but deep fm synth engine and it sounds really great. also i wanted something to sequence my sp404sx… at first i looked again at the novation circuit (had one but sold it) because it got a new update with song mode and its easy sequencer but the need for a pc to add samples and create sounds is still a huge drawback .

today after 8 years of music making i finished my first song , just with the digitone. ( i had the well known loopitis syndrom :smiley: )
a big personal milestone for me !
that thing is so intuitiv and fun when it got clicked in your head.

only thing i want is a undo/redo + song mode update


I bought a Sony ZX300 hi res portable audio player, Sennheiser IE80 S ‘audiophile’ in ear monitors, and a 400GB MicroSD because my new job is so fucking boring so I just pump jams into my ears all day.

Still the pay is pretty sweet!


Strymon Timeline & Bigsky! I was running my reverb and delay through my computer. Now I shed that thing and only use it for recording. I’m super happy about it because computers just slow things down. One of the reasons I left making music on a daw. I’m pumped to use these. I’ve only had them a few days and I just love how they sound with my current music. It’s changed a few things though because I’m approaching music differently with these awesome pedals.


I bought the OP-1 connector board, my old one started cutting out one side and I struggled with it for almost a year till they got more stock!


just bought a new digitone at 570 e. Hope it will make the perfect and final pair with my digitakt.
By the way, actually for french and maybe european people, great deal on “audiosolutions” actually,
with digitone a 570 a4 mk2 at 950 or sh 01A at 280…


Looks cool, what sort of files are you playing on it and where are you getting them?


I just picked up an Octatrack (mk2) after selling a bunch of gear that wasn’t seeing use in my setup. I want to explore the many features of the OT, one small slice at a time. In the short term, I’m hoping to figure the looping & sampling side, feeding it stuff from Digitone. Chopping up and rearranging DN patterns seems like it would be a lot of fun. Send the results through an fx loop… Yeah.


If push ever came to shove I’d have to say that the Mono/Poly is my all time favourite synth. Used to have this and Polysix for a long time but when some of my other vintage stuff started showing signs of deteriation I decided to sell everything and go Elektron. It’s not the same, but the Analog Keys gets awfully close to being a modern version of Mono/Poly.


Morphagene. Bought for experimental happy accidents, drones, percussion & resampling/mangling my rack. Total keeper, spitting out non-stop inspiration/beautiful weirdness so far…


have not bought any gear this month yet, but my next purchase that’s going to happen next week is Virus B.
because it has 3 stereo pairs of audio out. i need this for greater flexibility to do multitrack recording of gigs/jams.
also i suspect it’s going to be my primary touring synth.

update 2019-02-04: bought it.


Oh just standard stuff - lossless and mp3. It did come with some hi-res demo tracks which did sound superb.

The superior interface, battery life, balanced outputs and excellent EQ (for those stupid dips at 4K in earphones) make it worth it for me.


Previously sampled my Bass guitar via microphone as you do. But just too much noise.
So, pluging this little beastie into my Orange practice combo headphone out, which has a solid state speaker emulator. Recording into tascam DR100MKIII, sounds better than my mates million dollar studio recordings.
All for the sake of turning my AnalogRytm into a one stop rhythm section.


Shure SM58.
Intention: screaming/looping


Oh snap! I was just looking at those on YouTube!


Perfect match