What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]

How does the software for the red box act in todays computing environments?
Do you need a vm to get it running?
I considering getting one of those, they seem to be a lot of fun to patch.

I don’t have a Nord Modular, but the editor software works (I’m on Windows 7).
I installed it like a year ago or so when I was thinking about getting one.


A cheap Donner Ubass for the bench. Took a few minutes to get used to the strings but sounds pretty pretty good.


I’ve done a bit of binging on magnetic media lately. My intentions? Old-timey sampling (EPS, EPS-16+, Mirage!) and multitracking (4 and 8 track). These tapes represent around 2 hours of tape time at the various machine’s highest speed settings. That’s three full albums.


Just bought an OP-Z and I absolutely love this thing. I wasn’t sure about it at first but it’s just pure complex fun. It’s a keeper… like my beloved OP-1.

More guitar gear. Spaceman Gemini IV, and a Caroline Somersault.


Finally invested in a high quality amp rather than buying and selling guitars and wondering why they always sounded better in the shop. This amp is on a different level and I’m rejigging my studio around it. As such I have some nice things up for sale now.


Surprisingly hitch free, running a wine based program in ios 10.11 with an old m audio 2x2 usb - midi. Funny thing though I haven’t used midi for about 12 yrs, had to hunt for my bag of cables, tried to program some cc into the faderfox & thought this is not working, turns out the nord was set to channel 8 & the faderfox channel 1.
I’ve been using Ciat Lonbarde instruments the past 12 yrs, although they’re 100% modular the descriptions of functions is obscure so I’m looking forward to some interesting sounds & learning the internationally recognised language of synth.

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I’ve been wanting to get into Nord modular for ages & after a chat over coffee with Rob Hordijk ten years ago & he told me he was heavily involved in the programming, I figured I should investigate cos everything Rob does is genius.

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Nice! Aside from being stellar amps, they also have top notch aesthetic design.

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It’s changed my life. Seriously. Now I need all the Chase Bliss pedals…


Finally joined the Zoia club.

Intentions: Expand the palette of weird sounds I can make with the band. Discover happy accidents.


Agreed. I’m still getting used to it but my single coil guitars sound exceptional but taking a bit longer to get les paul happy.

nice! What brand and formulation is that 1/4" reel? What tapedeck are feeding with that?

I’m selling my wombtone…

Iiiiiiiiiinteresting. Wanna DM me some details?

That’s RMG SM911. I’ll be using it in an old Fostex A8 machine.

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Got myself a PO-33 after having offered one to a friend of mine…
So fun to play with, can’t wait to fill it with my own samples :slight_smile:

I intend to bring it with me on holidays and play with it every time I can :smile:


knew I’d eventually get one; was just waiting for a deal. they don’t go for low prices used generally…

super impressed so far! always loved the Monomachine’s FM machines and this is even better. using the OP1’s keys to play it for now… works quite well! :+1:


A custom 208 hp 6u eurorack setup full of modules purchased 2 weeks ago. My intention is to now sell it off in parts because I quickly realized I dont have the time to sit there and make droned out noises when I have a business to run. :roll_eyes: and also VCV Rack gets me to the same spot way cheaper. Glad I get business write-offs!