What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Just showed up today (been wanting one since they came out)- new playmate for my AH. After a couple of hours I’m quite pleased with Thyme’s chops!


Mio4 is a good choice :wink:


Great FX box ! So many possibilities !


I was meant to stop about 5 synths ago and not only I haven’t, Iv just acquired my first pedal :man_facepalming:t2:

Today’s purchases


I have one of these, the top end is like drinking fiber glass with your ears🤣.No MID, No sysex, and just one slider to program, you have to assign the cuttof to the mod wheel on every patch as the only midi control you have is keys and the mod wheel…it has a few sweet spots but is generally quite harsh. I got mine with a TX81Z thrown in for $140.00aud they thought the TX was a radio.


Curious. Are you in Seattle?


Like two weeks ago I showed a small eurorack skiff, but in typical eurorack fashion, my 3U 44HP skiff that turned into a 104HP skiff just days later has already turned into this

I intend to use this as part of a live, solo bass thing


HF with the tempus :slight_smile:


I like harsh :slight_smile: it seems that the stereo chorus mellows the sound a bit, and some 2 osc detuning. I dig the osc-modulating filter thing, used subtly it can make patches sound more alive.


And the fact that it looks so 80’s that you feel like you are playing Bobafet in keyboard form, haha i have had many hours of fun on mine. Enjoy…yeh the chorus in nice but gets noisy, it still has a place in my set up and i have never though to move it on.

Oh and take care, while mine was sitting in Far North Queensland Australia (tropical and hot) i used the empty space for a few synths and pedals, it got so hot one day mine still has 4 black marks where the rubber feet of a Green EH Russian Sovtec big Muff pi melted onto the grey panel. Not hot like in ARmkii hot but warm enough when in tropical far North OZ…


Hahaha… classic.


haha, oh geez… you’re screwed, my friend. into the euro rabbit hole you go!


Oh, hai. Drone game levelled up.


Oh also I am LOVING the sound of this thing. You can put so much movement in the VCOs and filter (even with just one LFO) that it sounds organic and ever-changing. Resonance is nothing like on a Moog or DSI and breaks up the signal in a brutal way. And that square wave in the higher octaves is a thing of beauty.



Already a Classic!


After first two hours: I love it!


Grandma’s home. Basic architecture but the sound and UI more than makes up for it. Time for some big bubbly basslines!




Hey you don’t loose time :slight_smile:
Hope you 'll enjoy it