What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Got the June-60 pedal from TC Electronic… hoping that maybe they did it right. I use TAL Chorus for Juno-style chorus, but I thought it would be cool to have an analog pedal that does it.

Not good, I’m afraid. Just a very poorly-realized product - it plays as 100% wet (not even the Juno’s own chorus was 100% wet signal), so you have to use it as an insert and adjust your send amount. Even after all that hullabaloo, it just doesn’t sound very good, and the modulation rates of the chorus modes are just outright wrong.

Oh well. :slight_smile:


Not that it matters if you don’t like the sound but TC reverbs and delays often have an internal dipswitch to kill the dry.


but this is basically a Behringer/Music Group product, right? the company currently cloning every synth they can get their hands on… and somehow they messed up a basic chorus circuit…? :thinking:


Might be a purchase pretty soon with American 4th of July sales.

Of course I’ll need an air compressor to attach to it.

Intention is imitate instruments on guitar like this guy, then sample


It’s a disease :flushed:. Hope to do round things with these bad boys!


DSP4500 is so nice!


Yes, it’s really magical. I’m sure you’ve been through quite a few of the classic Eventides. Which one’s your favourite? I know you have the H9s but they don’t count right now :wink:


I currently have the “guitar version” of the DSP4000, the GTR4000. I had the DSP4000 before that, but gave it to a friend. I’d love the DSP4500, but they aren’t easy to find! Back in the late '80s, we had the H3000 in the studio with the Mod Factor stuff installed. That was pretty special at the time.

However, I have to confess to favoring the original H-910, one of which I still own. It’s a bit nasty, slightly wobbly, and just screams “Berlin Trilogy”.


Yes, all great models there - haven’t tried the H-910 but I don’t need to - it’s surely awesome :).

The H3000 is sooo good, but I’ll stick with the DSP4500 for now - it’s a bit broader and clearer, IMO. And I’ve got Italo’s stunning preset pack for it on a separate PCMCIA which makes it even better :).


For my uses, I’ve always preferred the 4000 series to the H3000 series (ducks for cover).


I think a lot of people have some confusion about Behringer - Uli’s company has an engineering team called MIDAS. As a gift to them and himself, they made the Deepmind synth, since there were a lot of synth guys on the MIDAS team (they are the ones who make the MIDAS mixers for Behringer). It ended up being so successful that that team went on to make more and more synths.

They’re absolutely excellent, and if Behringer ever released a Juno chorus emulation, engineered by that team, it would no doubt be excellent.

Around 2015, TC Electronic was acquired by the Behringer company, but it still is a self-reliant company. If it had merged with Behringer fully, it would probably just be called Behringer.

Yeah, it’s a shame they messed up the circuit, I can’t image that it’s too difficult to reproduce, if you have the right engineers involved. But I’ll keep holding out for a good Juno-60 chorus clone, it’s the best chorus out there, to my ears. :slight_smile:


I get it but the public perception is they’re the same/related. if one puts out a crap clone, it makes the group overall look poorly. that’s all I meant.


I totally agree. Whenever a product is released, especially a clone, it’s better to scrap the entire project and take a loss, than to release a poor product that just makes your brand look bad.

Yeah, it’s weird that Behringer didn’t just do this themselves, given their current track record.


Those evolution controllers are built like a tank. I have an XS which is still like new after 20 years. You can take any menu-based nightmare and make it knob-per-function. They never need an upgrade. Nice score!


I once had an Evolution midi keyboard. The roof started leaking during a storm, right into the keyboard. It was completely filled with water when i got home. Emptied and dried it and it worked for many years after :smiley:


Was Evolution by M Audio or someone else ?


I have no idea.


Actually M Audio bought/acquired Evolution. That was the end of their legacy. M Audio has made some decent products, some not so good. None as durable as the Evolution stuff. That’s why you can still find good quality Evolution units on the used market. I would not be so trusting of M Audio gear, who themselves were acquired by inMusic. Given a choice between the two, get the Evolution. Novation sl controllers also get good marks and they are still making quality products.


i suspect, my intentions with it are pretty obvious :grin:


I intend to record more DJ mixes.