What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Very excited. Installed a new keybed and Velcro’d my DT to the wasteland.
Free synth new keybed a few screws and a little soldering. Now I just need to make some knobs.
The pots are 4mm d shaft which isn’t very common. Any suggestions?


If you’re in the US, get in touch with Nord support, aka Pablo Mastodon. He’s awesome.


Ha that’s where I got the keybed. The knobs are much too expensive though. 27 knobs x $7each = $189
would more than double my restoration cost. I’d rather make some from wood or buy metal knobs. Hm or maybe I could buy one from Pablo and cast it somehow?


I think I even responded in that thread. :woman_facepalming: :laughing:

Maybe you could get one and 3D print the rest?


I’d have to get a 3D printer


If I’ve got one one or two unused LFOs I’ll send them to one of the FX parameters or FX mix, to make them sound more interesting. Then mod the LFOs with key velocity or one of the ENVs.
There’s always leftover mod sources available, so just point them at the FX for something random.



Going to show those amateurs at DSI-Sequential how it’s done :crazy_face:


oh well damn, that’s a good idea!


HAHAHAHAHAHA an actual desk LOL just happened


How’s this working out for you? Any tips?


Really good . Don’t think i have any special tips that haven’t been mentioned here on the forum already. It’s just a breeze to set up . Any device which accept Midi CC will come to live using the Elektron sequencer . LFO’s etc …It will make them do tricks they couldn’t do on their own . Concerning the Volca Sample , it served as a gateway drug sparking my interest in sampling and has recently been replaced by a Digitakt , giving me even more midi traks to control other gear :slight_smile:


After getting the itch to buy an Oktatrack I put “sampler” into a local used shop and found a mint condition Yamaha SU700 loaded with 68MB memory, In/Out Board, SCSI board, USB FDD emulator, and recently replaced knobs.

Arrived yesterday and I spent most of the today with it. It is really fun, extremely immediate to sample on, and easy to use.

Plan to connect it with my other gear and either use the effects on it or use it to post some old-box workflow vids :slight_smile:


This brings back memories! My brother had one of these for awhile and I liked it a lot, fun to jam on, lots of knob twiddling, unfortunately a few of the encoders started to get glitchy and the workflow was a bit tough to get used to… a fun box if you’re willing to work with it on its own terms. Always thought it looked cool too :sunglasses:

edit: also I believe you could sample in at different rates for some nice lo fi reduction (?)


Just got one of these.
Going in an ambient direction.


Fender The Edge Deluxe. I had lined up a deal on one earlier this year, but it fell through. I finally bought one and received it a couple days ago. What a great amp. Comes stock with a Celestion Blue speaker.


@allandbyallo I got the same reaction from the sales guys when I asked who could show me the biggest one they had. :man_facepalming:


Octopus is here !
First impressions : feels a bit plastic for someone with elektron and nord gear but workflow is so fast and fun !
I only had to open the manual to be able to output date from midi 2…
The rest is so intuitive ! Instant jamming machine !

Intention : Controlled live impro ! :slight_smile:


my only intentions are to shred the gnar. =)




Some lo-fi rock’n’effecting madness