What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


I forgot this one :

Intention : Frighten (other’s) kids at school when it’s raining !..


baha :joy:


I got given one as these.
It"s come into it’s own over the last 10 days in the UK.
My wife absolutely hates it… My answer…
“Well you can always get wet my love”


And WHERE is mine?




hence the confusion! no worries :sunglasses:


I am lucky that I have the old vintage model with the “Dave Smith Instruments” label. The filter is much more musical than in the new model.


This ones driven me crazy trying to source but finally pulled the trigger on it, will be arriving from state side here to the uk hopefully sooner rather then later


My recent mad dash through multiple wavetable instruments brought me inevitably back to the one that got away thirty years ago. Back then, I had the 13-bit EPS ‘classic’ and couldn’t afford to trade up to the ‘16+’ version when it came out. If I’d had known then that it facilitated user TransWaves, I’d have moved heaven and earth to get one. One of my acquaintances had one, but he never mentioned the user TransWaves. And then there were those Waveboy effects! Well, at long last, the old thing fell onto my doorstep, with a complete collection of Waveboy FX and Transwave disks in tow. It will be going next to its older, crunchier brother and rest assured, I will be fully exploring those TransWaves and that Voder effect!


That is clean bro. Was it an eBay or reverb find?


Reverb. I also have an EPS ‘classic’ keyboard I got from a Reverb seller at the end of last year.


I had an eye on the Polymoon now for quite some time…lets See how it can hold Out in some crazy Ambient Jam Sessions. :sweat_smile:


very cool. enjoy it!


Got a neo for iwata airbrushit kit

Intention is to finally start airbrushing! yeah! the album can wait :blush:

If anyone has tips for starting out with this stuff, PM pls! Its all a bit much to take in… I know the neo starter set comp is not ideal due to relatively low PSI output, but gotta start somewhere… the family cant cope with the noise of a bigger comp anyway soo


Been airbrushing since 1979. Iwata brushes are terrific brushes (they are my preferred brushes and I have a wide range of them), so you’re off to a great start.


I’ve just started toying with it on guitar. It’s pretty deep. I’m going to order a Disaster Area Micro DMC midi controller for storing/accessing presets. It sounds really good, but the notations on the front are near impossible to read in regular light, let alone on stage.


Now you show us why you wanted it so badly :wink:


Avalanche Run V2 / Using it with the Digitone to create some Ambient stuff… this thing is completely nuts. A lot of happy accidents are about to happen.


Picked up this Laney VC30 recently.
Sold my Vox AC30 last year due to some money problems, and this is a great replacement, very Vox like sound.
Going to use it to gig with my new band and to record solo tracks.
Have recently been booked to play a show where everyone playing has to reinterpret a section of Grease so its a perfect fit.



I found on second hand and could not resist! It did not arrive yet.

I hope that it sounds good on synth!
Actually thinking that I’ll play guitar again maybe :slight_smile: