What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


The Digitone was my most recent purchase. I like “self-contained” music making devices, like the Novation Circuit or the MPC Live, but wanted to start moving away from “sample-oriented” music making and start emphasizing synthesis. Also, the MPC has so many features that I just don’t use and I wanted a device that was more focused on synthesized electronic music. My “sound” is more of a retro-meets-scifi dance kind of thing, and the Digitone seemed just right for that.

So far it is massively exceeding my expectations. Best musical purchase in YEARS.


Hahaha :+1:t5:
Well done…WELL done!


In the mail today…

Want to build a portable improv/jam/madness/chaos setup around this one to take an absolute opposite direction as our two men live setup which involves tons of midi setup and huge synths…
Want it to be as plug and play as possible…

I plan : Pyramid,nord drum+nord pad,micromodular and zoia. I’ll start from here and see where it goes… Will I ever resist to bring in the G2 when it’ll be out of maintenance ?..I have to be strong ! :slight_smile:


May I ask you, if you don’t mind how do you get those fatar keybeds ? Even my local repairshop has hard time getting them…Seems they only want to sell huge amount to pro…Thks.


Do you have any comment you would like to share about the Hedra ? I really wonder how it sounds on synths. And if it does bring something different of a Eventide pitchfactor.

Have fun,


I got a hold of Pablo Mastodon, the US rep for Nord. I asked him if he had any refurbished Keybeds he could sell me. Got one for 108, it should be arriving any day now!


Pablo is the man. He helped me source some buttons and find a tech that could replace them for me. And he was also willing to chat a bit about Nords, etc. via email. Glad to know he’s still around speaking Nord-y joy! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The analog four is my latest and last piece as I plan to downgrade. My intention is to show it’s used for so much more than just a drum machine.



What’s the keyboard?

I need a tiny one for my pc (currently have a stock monstrosity (


Sure. Sure…


Looks like a Roland System 1.


Haha no, the little computer keyboard


Why does it say “Sequential” on your Rev2 and “Dave Smith Instruments” on my Rev2?


My bad… :rofl:


The company officially changed its name recently.


I sold my MD 3 or 4 years ago when I needed cash and have regretted it ever since. This is the first one I’d seen pop up for sale nearby in ages so I grabbed it without thinking… its still got the screen protector on :slight_smile:

Happy to have it back in the family next to my Monomachine, Digitakt and Digitone


first off: that is NOT a Roland System 1. know your synth heritage! it’s an SH-101. legendary synth.

keyboard is a Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboard. love it. got one for my work machine too. it’s awesome. you can store bluetooth connections for up to three devices (toggled with the yellow keys on the upper left), so you can type super fast texts and then go back to your computer (or whatever). battery life is incredible. highly recommended :+1:


Oh I’m just the chosen one. NBD. :joy: Na they are just doing that from here on out I think. Back to sequential branding on mnay products.


First off… I know what an SH-101 looks like. I’m a very old man (unfortunately).
I ‘m not 100% sure about the Roland as erm, I’m an old man and not constantly looking for new gear anymore. So unless an SH-101 has a gazillion knobs and green lights we must look at different photos.
In my case I was looking at the photos above NuOldNu’s question.

Edit: this old man just discovered the right top corner where he can see to whom someone is responding…


Cheers. Is it BT via a dongle by chance? My pc doesn’t have it inbuilt so have to swing with the thing if I need BT.

BTW it wasn’t me getting confused about the synth… :wink: