What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]

not technically new to me… I bought it about a decade ago, in fact. but it’s been out of commission for about ten months now, and just got repaired. I moved my studio in the house and as soon as I did, boom, it went down. fixed the immediate issue myself but then other stuff started happening… anyway, while it was down, I modified my desk so the keyboard tray is low enough to hold this and still slide in/out cleanly (see second pic).

super stoked to have this guy back. the repair could’ve bought me a faux 101 (you know the one) and I was pretty bummed about the cost. until I powered it up for the first time… :raised_hands:


I bought a korg volca bass next. I dont know what i bought it for. But i do know it was a good move because my son took it from me and its his now i think


My latest purchase (just arrived): A Raspberry 3B+ and a Pisound audio card as a cheap way (~€140,-) to toy around with home-built OTB devices like effects processors, sound generators, sequencers and MIDI routing/processing.

I will start with some pre-built solutions like MODEP (Mod Duo emulator) and see how I like it and - if necessary - how I can extend it. Since MODEP is based on LV2 plugins it shouldn’t be that hard to extend it for my needs (especially the MIDI processing stuff).

Next on my list is Orac 2.0 to run a “network” of Pure Data patches like on an Organelle. What makes Orac so special is its support for the Push2 as control surface. Since I use Live less and less I’m still looking to get my Push2 back into usage to control OTB stuff.


I was excited when I saw from across the room as I thought it was a 688. I was still intrigued enough to buy it but sadly I’ve had to return it. The transport on it didn’t work properly.

I opened it up to see what it would take to replace belts and discovered someone had already been in there and made a bit of a mess in it. The entire transport body was missing 3 screws and 2 of the legs where it would mount, on one side, were broken.

Too bad as its pretty much only good for parts in its condition.

Bought a Tanzbär 2 as an early Father’s Day/bday gift to myself. Gonna do some German layering with tanz1 and dominion club.

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Finally found one !!! First purpose will be process drums but I think I have a lot to test (synths, master) ! :yum:


Always wanted one off these .nice! Can I ask how much you had to pay?

Definately check out the DIY Norns as well!


4 channel cv sequencing is go

green with envy, trying to source one for an entire age already… liking it?

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Bought one of these bad boys (Korg SDD-3000 pedal) in the weekend cause I got it so cheap, but my intentions seem to be to stuff it in the drawer. It’s just way too big to fit on my organ or on my synth table. I’ll need to figure out a place for it somewhere in my setup.

But there’s never enough delays (yes there is). I now have three dedicated delay pedals and 11~12 different pieces of gear with built in delays. Guess I’ll buy a reverb pedal next.


OT 2 bought last night. Mainly as a brain for playing live to ditch the laptop and interface.


New little modular percussion station, because I haven’t driven my girlfriend crazy enough


I have the DT 990 Pros too and love them to death - in conjunction with the Beyerdynamic A20 headphones preamp that is. If you have the chance order one, and hear for yourself. It’s simply an unbelievable difference, especially regarding the low freqs.


Bought a Tascam Portastudio because of the Alessandro Cortini video on YT. I want to explore the world of tape recording and I have absolutely no clue how this works :smiley:


Gamechanger Audio Plus

Intention is to play faux counterpoint lines on electric violin, and take my guitar playing a bit closer to the piano.

With guitar, it doesn’t quite work like a piano damper or sostenuto pedal. On a real piano you can step on a damper or sostenuto pedal, play an arpeggio or melody line, and all the notes you played will keep sustaining as long as you continue holding the pedal. On the guitar, if you do the same thing with the Plus you just get a choppy looping mess. It creates the effect of “sustain” by continuously sampling incoming audio, then looping the sample when you step on the pedal, so for smoother sounding sustained tones, you have wait a bit between plucking the guitar and stepping on the pedal. You can of course not wait and just let the Plus sample your pluck attack and include that with the loop, which has its place, imo. With violin, the bow doesn’t have a sharp attack, so it takes more work to get the choppy sound.



Scots (now mine) Audiothingies Micromonsta.

I plan to experiment with the MPE functionality using a Seaboard Rise and my MIDIBox Seq V4 as a USB Host for the Seaboard.

If I like it I might try to use/modify my MidiRex firmware to record MPE loops.



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