What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Hahha that is so good ! :rofl::muscle:


Felt like it was finally time to give open back a shot, and I wanted something as a solid (different) second reference to my Genelec monitors, also something that would fatigue less and have better bass response than my trusted Sony 7506, for late night work.

80 ohm version so I can comfortably use them with my phone too.


I didn t like those. There s a high freq boost that got me making dull mixes. I found the Audio Technica M50x to be a good match to my Genelec 8040b’s. Closed back though.


I won’t mix on these. Just second reference.
Getting used to them.

Wasn’t looking for a “match” to Genelecs, but rather something different for translation referencing.


I see!


Just bought these awhile back. Very nice and comfortable.

My latest purchase is an eventide h9. I bought it because I’ve been drooling over the space and modfactor for years and couldnt decide which one i wanted. So i got them all!


Not sure what iv gotten myself into yet but we will see lol arriving wednesday


I am really excited to hear what happens! Let us know if you like it!


will do for sure, red very mixed reviews but really want to see for my self as love granular


I think I’ll keep it forever. It’s a great tool.


Tempted to get one…let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:


Just ordered a new Akai ACP8200 - dying to be a bit cooler


This weeks pawnshop score

Probably make some more grimy recordings with it if it works. May need some work as I haven’t tested it yet but the shop does have 30 return policy on electronics.

Not sure how many more 4 tracks I need but apparently 2 wasn’t enough.:man_facepalming:


I joined that DNK Club too.

Will be my main Synth plus X for a while.


Nice! I have one arriving on Monday…proper exited!
The much talked about ’ odd ’ shape looks perfect in your setup


Craftsynth 2.0 arrived yesterday

intention is to get to grips with making some neurofunk sounds :diddly:

SKULPT, this and OT oughta be fun for some breaks and beats. As SKULPT and craft are both mono instruments, this will leave 2 inputs free on the OT. Maybe some 3rd party fix?


Told myself this is the last purchase for a while Nyx V2


I have those two in their v2 versions…so nice!!! How do you like the v3s?


Yeah they are great, Iv had the Erebus v3 a while now and for bass lines it’s awesome, simple to use and sounds amazing, the nyx V2 is new to me and it’s a bit of a steeper learning curve, I’m yet to read the manual but I managed to get a lovely arp lead type sound out of it briefly playing with it for a while last night when I got in but if I’m honest I want to use it for its drone capabilities and see how it compares to my Lyra 8


This gives me flashbacks to the 688 I used 30 years ago. Great machine.