What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


beautiful setup! I’m starting to really dig mine, might just part with my MPC1000 after all :slight_smile:


I’m still tempted to buy one of these. It offers solutions to a lot of problems for me. It’s amazing how much power there is in such a little box.


This just arrived funded by a digitone and digitakt I recently sold. I will probably spend too much time admiring how beautiful it is.


Virus is the latest. And the combo is a dream come true. Still lurking for a perfect drum machine (and need to sell my Mackie for XR18), but I’m happy. And I intend to do music, obviously. :smiley:

Ed. also want a Squarp Pyramid. I hate to use OT as a midi sequencer…


Just ordered a H9 Max; and I have the Space and El Cap on the sends of my mixer as well. I mainly got the H9 because I couldn’t choose between a mobius/modfactor and a pitchfactor so I went all in but without the knobs. I really want to explore the more wacky fx eventide has to offer; already love some of the more out-there that are in the Space.


Damn I had so much GAS for these Mastersound mixers… the FX box looks really cool as well.


I’m probably going to sell a few guitar pedals to get the FX. It sounds really good. The 4V is proving to be a great investment.


I got into playing guitar again about a year ago after buying a mint condition Boss CS-2 and finally bought a pedal board (pedaltrain jr) to replace the cardboard box I was using for gigs. Still need to mount the power supply and have some right angle patch and power cables coming, but I’m very happy with how much cleaner the guitar section of my setup looks now.


Treated myself to a 16voice rev2 desktop today


bought a MicroFreak to play with / sample in my digitakt. is a nice addition to the sounds of my bs2 as well!
The thing more than lives up to my expectations!


yeah that’s the thing about the polara. the reverb becomes part of whatever’s going through it. it’s pretty damn amazing. the only thing i don’t like is the reverse setting, and the spring isn’t amazing. but i have an el capistan for that :slight_smile:


Alright so this came in and I LOOOOVE it. I’ve managed to ignore the presets almost entirely, started learning it by watching this and making my own patches from scratch. Not quite my usual MO, as I’m not the most synthesis sound design kinda guy (i love sound design but I usually have a more granular/sample-driven approach) but I’m hooked.

SUCH a fun synth. I now get people’s criticism of the filter, but it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s no Moog filter, but Moog is Moog, and this is this. :slight_smile: I got the 8 voice and I don’t think I’ll ever need more. I make house, techno, broken beat, downtempo, weird soulful slow stuff, ambient, droney nonsense, and 8 suits me just fine. Also sounds amazing through the Polara. The onboard effects are definitely one weak point.


I just get Bastl Instruments Thyme and Eventide Pitchfactor for a bit of crazyness and analog heat mk2 to spice my DT and OT drums (and in the meantime compare to my Oto machines Boum on synths);

Yummy :yum:


Just picked up a dismantled Nord lead 2x. For free local pickup. I took it home, examined and reassembled it and started playing it from my digitakt right away. No Keybed, so I might buy a new fatar Keybed or rehouse it and make it a desktop version.
I feel incredibly lucky. New synth. For free!


I thought I wouldn’t like having no onboard fx, but it has a midi delay before the filter which is interesting, and the release can be a pseudo hall reverb on some presets


I highly recommend updating to the latest OS if you haven’t, and running the calibration procedure a couple of times in a row. (sometimes it also helps to move the knob positions to their default (center for bipolar and ccw for unipolar) The reason I say this, is that I wasn’t sure about the filter either at first. And to be fair, it isn’t THE most amazing filter ever. However I found that I actually really liked it after updates and calibration. The character changed considerably, and the controls and ranges evened up nicely as well after that. Especially the resonance had much better control over the range of the knob, and sounded better.

It’s one of my favorite keyboard synths of all time overall.


Having committed to building some new studio furniture to free up some space, I decided to continue my search for an ideal modern wavetable synth that doesn’t break the bank or back. This lead me straight back to the Blofeld. I’d owned a Blofeld keyboard in the past, but didn’t really give it a fair shake. The Micromonsta reminded me to have another look. I aim to keep the one that better fits my needs.


What i do with it? I try play it and I get my girlfriend to hate me :smile:


Love the color! Ukes are awesome, miss mine.


thanks so much! i calibrated it once, but i’ll do it a couple more times. i noticed some of the pots don’t really react until/after about 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock position. maybe that’ll help there too… or i’m just not used to it yet :slight_smile:


yay! I never planned to get one BUT I got one for my birthday so… any instrument is more than welcome, sure you all can relate!

Now I’m planning to install a (transducer) pickup to mess with FX and bring the hell on this typical “paradisiac” instrument.