What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Reading your excitement for it on here (MPC Live thread etc) is one of the reasons I decided to go for it lol. So far so good, I’m still getting used to the UI and I sort of wish it would feature some of the hardware shortcuts the older MPCs feature (eg Shift + Pad for track selection etc) but of course it seems super powerful. And it sounds good!

Any tips & tricks, I’d be a taker :slight_smile:


Behringer Neutron.

that is a precise piece of manufacturing! extremely versatile and a perfect companion for op-z. can‘t get over the smoothness of the pots :upside_down_face:



No, but it does seem like an amazing combo. Might pick one up later if I like the norns.

There are layers of functionality in the system as I understand. Basically you have access to some things while running engines, like recording for example, and a native engine called softcut which lets you do stuff on top of the supercollider scripts.


Boss!!! Thanks!


Had to leave my old double bass behind in Wales when we moved to Norway. Finally bought myself a new one. Just need to find a band to play it in now.

Any bass players out there that have never tried an upright - I highly recommend it. Such a wonderful feeling instrument to play (once you get over the feeling that you’re hugging a wardrobe).


Just bought my first mpc… actually kinda loving it already having just had a five minute play. Suspect if I get into I’ll end up getting a 1000 instead, but 500s are just so cheap at the moment for what they are it seemed stupid not to check out the whole MPC vibe and see if I get on with it.

feel a bit more comfortable taking a nine year old battered mpc to the beach than my 'takt…
I can see why everyone replaces the pads already tho…


The “Halo” algorithm on the Polara is the best shimmer reverb that I’ve ever heard.


Is it now…

I was looking into what reverb was used on Rachels Song and it seems it was a Lexicon. Will check this out.


Mr. Black Eterna. Always Mr. Black Eterna.


But that’s mono only right? Great for guitar I’m sure but for, say, synth pads I’d definitely go Polara.


yeah, that’s the downside. I have a Mercury 7 which has a nice shimmer for Stereo, though it’s not it’s main strength.


Nice examples here-

EDIT: I believe he’s using Halo starting at 3:19 and 10:23. It sounds like an integral part of the sound, not artificially laid on top like the BigSky and most others.


does sound very nice… but then, I suspect you could put on OB-Xa through a cup and string and it’d still sound incredible.


Was looking for a prophet 5, ended up buying a used Prophet 6 desktop. Hoping it will sound a little Patrick cowleyish.


PRAM memory card remake for the Kurzweil K2500. Surgery happening tomorrow.
Intention - giving the largest machine in my studio some more love (and time) in the near future.


I love the 500. I started on a 1000, then upgraded to a 2500, then got the 500 to go with the 2500. If you get a 1000 you should consider keeping the 500 if you really love the MPC workflow. You can use the same memory card for all 3 machines (500 / 1000 / 2500), so if you start on a beat on the 500 when you’re out, when you get back to the studio you can put the memory card in the 1000 & finish the beat. Or vice versa.

It’s also a lot easier to chop samples on the 1000 & 2500 compared to the 500, so I’ll chop my samples on the 2500, then use the same memory card with the 500.


Ordered a Meris Hedra for my guitar pedalboard.


Someone has my old Roland Jupiter 8 (I was the original owner) listed for sale on Reverb right now. I’m tempted to order it (not only because it’s such a great sounding classic, but for sentimental value as well). Apparently John Oates bought it after I sold it (I traded it in at The Chicago Store in Tucson). It’s listed at $20k. Hmmm…


Don’t know how to do links but this album was just done in above setup, though upgraded the h5 to a tascam da3000. Very happy with the setup. Getting shit done.