What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


A friend of mine just picked one of these up and is raving about it, in fact he just bought a second w/ all ladder filters, can’t wait to try it out and hear for myself (admit it seems a bit too menu divey for me but probably my loss)


im running it with the editor VST, very little menu diving here AND yes, its amazing


I just ordered one too, should be here Friday.


thanks for the idea (what to buy)


Latest purchase is a MPC Live…
back to the dark side lol, let‘s see if Akai really cleaned up their act. If the Live is improved I might part with my MPC1000 and MPC Studio. First few hours have been quite enjoyable actually. :slight_smile:

Before that, in April, I got a Gibson 60s Tribute 2018 in Honeyburst (so lovely) and a Vox AC30 (so lovely). The combination of those two (especially for clean tones), against all forum talk, is…SO lovely! :wink:

And upcoming (thanks to @ballener0) is the Boss RV-500…oh boy. :slight_smile:


My girlfriend bought me a microfreak for my birthday. I don’t know exactly how this will fit in with my setup since it was an unplanned synth but it sure is fun. I am coming up with all sorts of great sounds with it in the day I’ve had it. I think this and my digitakt will become good friends. Arturia need to make a true polyphonic version of this with 3 oscillators and 6 voices. It would be an amazing thing.


This just landed, for those of you who don’t know, Pittsburgh microvolt 3900


high quality sample food!


Congratulations! … on this girlfriend! I wouldn’t know how this will fit with your setup but since it was a present from your girlfriend, it sure is wonderful.


Can I join the club? Not sure what I am going to do with this thing, but I couldn’t pass up getting that cool touch-plate keyboard for so little money. Upon arrival, its behavior was quirky to say the least, but a quick firmware update seems to have set it right. It doesn’t do anything I can’t do better elsewhere, but there is something to be said for the fun factor here.

(I gotta lay off buying synths for a while. I can’t find the space even for this little squeaker. Or I could build new furniture. Yeah. that’s it! Build new furniture!)


:+1:t5: NICE!

I think this box is THE SHIT!

can not for THE LIFE of me figure out why they chose the finish they chose. DIRT/SKIN CITY. its so freakin gross. but, again, this box is so damn sick!


Nice! Might you give us your thoughts over its thread? Im interested but cant access one to try out.


Picked one up beginning of the month, first real go with an MPC but it’s cool so far and think I’ll keep. Really enjoying the looper function.


I bought a Monome norns! :scream:

I’m going to waste a lot of time trying to figure things out, and maybe/hopefully make a cool synth on it.
I think mostly the community around it is super inspiring, looking forward to contributing.


1992 Cannondale M1000. My intentions are to restore with a few tasteful updates and ride the shit out of it.


For shame. :wink:

Did you get a Grid too?

And something I assume but don’t want to make assumptions about that thing: Can it run multiple scripts at a time?


Picked up an A4 mkII and the judgement is still pending. So far I’ve only been exploring the synth engine and haven’t started playing with the sequencer which I recognize is where a lot of the special sauce is.

I almost returned it on day one because for some reason it just sounded terrible through headphones (ATH-50x) but once I added it to the collective and heard it through my monitors it sounded fine. Still working to coax useable sounds for my style (ambient and cinematic type stuff). Can’t wait to pair it with some of my semi-modular gear this weekend!


Digitone & Mungo D0… bought both while highly intoxicated last night :woozy_face:

Was a nice surprise to wake up to though :sweat_smile:


2 amazing new buys:

  1. Digitech Polara. GOOD LORD this thing is €100??? What a stunning little bastard. Warm, rich and wildly enveloping reverb. The reverb feels so natural, like it’s built in to everything that plays through it. Like it was just meant to be there. I mean they’re Lexicon presets. Duh. Highly recommend. Coupled with my El Capistan I’m in stoner heaven. The reverse is pretty much useless for me, and “trails” mode only works for on/off not mode switching, but that’s the only negatives and they’re totally inconsequential.

  2. Prophet Rev2 8 Voice - Well this should arrive today or tomorrow and I plan on not hating it. :rofl: I just have to put it into a track and release it ASAP so I don’t hate myself for spending over 2 months rent on it.


Gotta be patient!!! :slight_smile: I at first thought it sounded mediocre at best when I got mine and was well disappointed, now it’s my favourite sound & synth by a mile! :slight_smile:

Play with the OSC volumes (turn them down) and the overdrive (turn it up a little), use both filters (eg filter 2 set to 4-pole LP and use that…or set to peak and sweep the frequencies to fatten the sound…), turn the dials SLOWLY, the A4 has many different worlds hiding between those 0-100something values.

Also, start with one Oscillator and see how far that can take you (real far actually lol), only then add the sub-osc and then add the second OSC…the versatility of the A4 is sick! :slight_smile:

  • don’t forget to use some of the effects and tweak their settings also, I love the reverb and just a little chorus on my pad sounds. Hope you’ll fall in love :wink: h