What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


It was probably inevitable that I’d end up with one of these. Not sure what I intend to do with - DIY wavetables, obviously - but I bought it more out of curiosity than need or intent. If I dig it enough to keep it, it’ll sit alongside its great grandaddy in some of my tracks.


Do let us know what you think of it in some weeks . I’m interested .


have you seen the health issues surrounding the factory who made/make teflon …
not good…
though i’m not sure the frying pans etc cause issues.

i’ll have a pancake , i’m hungry. send it over later.


We threw all our no stick pans in the cellar half year ago and have no intention to ever use them again.
Feeling much better without them^^


Just picked up a pair of JBL 308P MKII, I use headphones a lot of the time but it will be really nice to use these in the new space I’m in. My intention is to crank out the jams! Oh and I also bought a Roland S-10 in partially working condition, repaired it, and am in the process of washing all the keys and cleaning it all up. My intention is to sample and sample and sample! LCW-2 Mono is a fun sound source for it.


Digitone Keys, because I make more music with one or two synths than with many. My setup will now be the DNK and maybe a Blackbox (though that’s still up in the air a bit…)

I didn’t want to be without an Elektron, but wanted some keys, and want it to fit in a small space. Plus, I’m into all things FM anyway…


Mutable instruments Ambika FTW


Getting there. custom 6u powered euro travel case by Odd Aeon on reverb.
gonna be walnut stained et blue led’s. €325 shipped. should be finished tomorrow. :upside_down_face:

feels nice to be supporting an indie craftsperson, while also getting something handmade and unique.


I got a Mackie 1202VLZ4. I need a small mixer that fits on my desk and in my backpack for my bike-friendly livesets. It has two FX sends with stereo returns which is great for my Strymon and Eventide stomp boxes that I use. This setup replaces my computer which I used only for mixing signals and FX.


Do you know how this compares to the Behringer BCF2000? Seems like the Behringer has a bit of a cult following but I haven’t heard about this one you have. I’ve been wanting a cheap slider heavy controller for Ableton.


Nice. I havent noticed the ambika much before but looking at the specs page, that thing is stacked!

Looks nice too


ZOIA’s on it’s way…
I had promised myself not to get a new synth in 2019. But it’s not really a synth, is it?
Plus I got rid of my SH-01a. So bought me half a conscience :wink:

I aim to play with my voice, guitar, bass, and any of my synths/drum machine/sampler :smiley:
And get lost in patches of course…


Less than a month and Ill be with mine finally.


I bought one of these too, so much fun.


never had any hands-on experience neither with BCF/BCR2000, nor with Ableton (yes, i exist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), so it’s hard to answer.
but back in the days when all those controllers were in production Behringers were on the cheaper side, and Evolution was considered as better option.
btw, typically used UC-33(e) are not so cheap, it was just a lucky find.
what i like about UC-33 is that it supports NRPNs (this is critical for controlling old Novation synths), has limited support of SysEx (for controlling Yamaha XG & Roland GS devices, which i also have), and backpack-friendly (BCR/BCF are significantly bigger).


I bought the BCR2000 around the time it came on the market, still works^^
It´s a pretty decent controller and you can edit everything on the controller. No need for software editors, so that´s really cool!
BCR2000 can send NRPN and IIRC with Mountain Utilities BC Manager you can also do Sysex.
(I think you send the sysex string from BC Manager to the controller. Never tried that, though.

The BCR2000 has obviously endless rotary encoders with push function + buttons, the BCF2000 has motor faders + buttons while on the UC-33 you got pots and I guess the faders are not motor faders.
But having pots also has its advantages :slight_smile:


intentions: will be a cool looking pair for blue Novation Nova Laptop and the rhythm machine for my live rig (just compare its size with RM1x :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


update on me euro case.
it’s finished. :ok_hand:t3:


wow, lovely!


I keep telling myself I’m out of space. I keep not listening. Been feeling the need for some 6-op action, so I picked this little feller up super-cheap. I’ve already got it cabled up and successfully accepting patches from Dexed, so I think we’re going to get along fine.