What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]



Intentions are to learn and have fun.


I couldn’t resist the appeal of buying a Core and having it automatically be upgraded to the Max (which I purchased a couple of weeks back). I intend to blast my VCS3 through the two of them - assuming I can get to the root of an aggravating issue with the VCS3’s filter circuit. :sweat:

I also recently picked up this Wavestation SR on the cheap from Reverb.com. I have been a longtime Wavestation user, having bought an EX when it came out. For years the Wavestation was the center of my music-making process. I’ve owned every incarnation of the Wavestation since (save the iOS version - I do have the desktop plugin version, though). The SR version is the most difficult to deal with, as the display is tiny. However, using something like the free EdiSyn, I will be programming all manner wavesequences and vector patches. It’s a bit scruffy and I will need a set of rack ears for it, but I’m pretty pleased to have this old friend back in the rack.


the original and classic hipsters/modernists


Got an akai s20 on the cheap, thought it might be fun to chop some of my old songs up on it… also I just like to look at it. Was it akais take on the model samples?


bought for less than $60.
there are never too many MIDI controllers!


Bought a Digitone (2 months old, like new with Decksaver for 380€ :handshake::raised_hands:) to pair with my OP-Z.

Mainly to add a ton of atmosphere and ambient sounds and get a sound boost through the external inputs.