What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


I couldn’t resist the appeal of buying a Core and having it automatically be upgraded to the Max (which I purchased a couple of weeks back). I intend to blast my VCS3 through the two of them - assuming I can get to the root of an aggravating issue with the VCS3’s filter circuit. :sweat:

I also recently picked up this Wavestation SR on the cheap from Reverb.com. I have been a longtime Wavestation user, having bought an EX when it came out. For years the Wavestation was the center of my music-making process. I’ve owned every incarnation of the Wavestation since (save the iOS version - I do have the desktop plugin version, though). The SR version is the most difficult to deal with, as the display is tiny. However, using something like the free EdiSyn, I will be programming all manner wavesequences and vector patches. It’s a bit scruffy and I will need a set of rack ears for it, but I’m pretty pleased to have this old friend back in the rack.


the original and classic hipsters/modernists


Got an akai s20 on the cheap, thought it might be fun to chop some of my old songs up on it… also I just like to look at it. Was it akais take on the model samples?


bought for less than $60.
there are never too many MIDI controllers!


Bought a Digitone (2 months old, like new with Decksaver for 380€ :handshake::raised_hands:) to pair with my OP-Z.

Mainly to add a ton of atmosphere and ambient sounds and get a sound boost through the external inputs.


I had 2 x h9. Sold one now looking at buying another. Was a foolish sale. I control them from my octatrack. Great effects units :+1:


That DN deal is the steal of lifetime!


Yes, i guess:) Had to buy it for 900€ together with a nearly new Digitakt (with Decksaver). Had no use for the Digitakt and sold it within an hour for 520€ :grinning:


Empress Zoia - I intend to make some midi controllers, fx, synths, loopers, and generally have fun exploring it.


That blue thing in the corner is not what it seems to be


That‘s for sure. And even if - no hay banda.

There is no band.


This beauty. Intentions: compare it to Zoia, find out whether it cures my lust for a Space Echo and relieve some of the stress I’ve been having lately.


Such a good looking pedal.



Ordered a MicroMonsta yesterday. Intentions are for an affordable way to get some nice pads when needed. Seems like a nice sounding machine for not a lot of dough


Oh! That’s amazing! Thank you for that and including that second picture :smiley::smiley::smiley:


My Micromonsta is usually on pads duty, cause it simply produces such wonderful pad sounds… sprinkling fairy dust all over the place. Can’t let it do bass or smt^^
I made some wavetables with Audioterm for the little Monsta recently, but the stock wavetables are also very nice!


Makes me feel better about this purchase! The price and UI tipped it for me, plus I’ve heard so many jams where the sound was quite nice. Oh, and the fact that it takes up so little desk space doesn’t hurt :slight_smile:



Will haul my gear to writing sessions with my band… and to play venues, too.


my latest purchase:

Dirt cheap (60€) and has just what we need in a live setup, so that’s one less big box to carry.