What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Yes I have the Pittsburgh 420! Got it new for $679.


Great price!


Got a used Roland sh-01a w/ keyboard for $300 on Reverb because I doubt I can afford a space bee :honeybee:


Just got this today. Plan on badass recordings.


Do we get to watch you take the plastic off?


Whoa, killer deal! Nice score


Modal Skulpt and Arturia Audiofuse have joined the Model:Samples, Minibrute 2 and ancient MacBook.


About to subscribe to Splice Sounds to get monthly samples for my Octatrack… Way cheaper than buying an OB6 and there’s a huge variety of sounds for relatively cheap, a few coffees worth of money…

This will hold me over until I can get the Empress Zoia and UDO Super 6 :slight_smile:


Bigger IKEA desk to create some space for even more gear…:slight_smile:


I’ve thought about going this way too. Play around with sampled synths in the OT, and see if that can help keep the GAS at bay.


Preordered a Digitone Keys to replace my Digitone + Arturia Essentials.


A shoefresh shoe sanitizer for my kidsˋ hockey shoes. Intention: save our lives.


I had a local hi-fi store special-order one of these way back in 1980. I quickly tired of the five preset sounds and simple rhythms. However, I soon became enamored of the mysterious “ADSR” setting that allowed one to create a simple, customized sound. Little did I know what I was getting into. Around the same time I saw Numan on SNL and my future was set. What are my intentions? Digitakt, Model:Samples, Octa… you know the drill.

Only barely lower on the technology scale is this concoction of wire and wood , which arrived the same day as the VL-Tone. Same intentions, really…


I had one of those VL-Tones back in the day. I have no idea what happened to it. :dizzy_face:


My uncle had a VL Tone. I used to play on it quite a bit when I’d go over there. Then, when I felt impish I would hit the Demo key and run around with it. I still play the Casio demo song every now and then when people who might know what it is are around. Usually gets a good laugh. :smiley:

That wood and string thing… not sure if you’re familiar with the Wind Waker, but you could definitely play some Zelda tunes on it :slight_smile:


Gonna play some sweet jazz riffs.


Zelda is only peripherally known to me. However, I think my intentions are not far from what you suggest, as I bought this (it’s a 10/9 single-strung hammered dulcimer) to do some faux-medieval style passages.




Or some sweet Dead Can Dance covers.


Empress Zoia, intention: get even more lost