What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Here is the short snippet:

Some hum noise coming from a slightly malfunctioning spring reverb…
I love the DR-110!


Me too.


Very cool! I had a bit of a session/walk through with it yesterday. Mostly to make sure there are no issues. My first thoughts were about how it would sound through the heat. This confirms my suspicions😏


Had some time over the holidays to get stuff done. Sounds great to my ears, sums the channels and maintains clarity. Have sent some drfity space soundtrack stuff off for mastering, recording straight form mixer to zoom h5. Hopefully this is the way forward.


How hard is it to build ? any gotchas ? advice ?
I think I might get a couple soldering kits to learn how to use a soldering iron lol
and start making one these or the kijimi


I just picked up my Korg Volca Modular and Drum today (Tuesday). I hope to make listenable music with them. :smile:


I would definitely start with smaller projects like guitar pedals first. You need a really good soldering iron , some way to magnify , a large pcb holder , a oscilliscope and power attenuator. I would advise also to make sure you know someone who can help you and explain what you are doing nearby.
If you can do something like the XLR sonic potions drum machine flawlessly. You should be able to do this kit if you also build some smd as well.


hmm thanks!
it feels like a good project for next winter … in the mean while got to get some tools and start practicing


I updated my modular setup with this new rack:

The Five12 Vector sequencer is just amazing, way more powerfull than the “Elektron sequencer”! Plaits is also very versatile and sound great!

I have a tone of idea. First sample the Plaits with the octa and made a track with that. Seconde, sequence my MD and MNM with the Vector for controled random madness.


That five12 seq must be badass! happy for you sah :diddly:


I waited on today’s news before pulling the trigger, but this has been welcomed to my growing Elektron family, joining the Octatrack and Digitone. Very happy!


I decided to pick up a Pignose amp again after this video reminded of the great old school bluesy fuzz tones it is capable of.

Recently I haven’t felt much like making tracks, so I dug out all the old tunes and guitar licks I’ve been meaning to learn, and my intention is to spend some time “woodshedding” them this summer.

FWIW, I hear that you can run anything into them without fear of damaging it, so maybe one of you synth folks might want to try running through one and miking it up.

Side note: This is what I dream I could play like:


Snagged a Roland 505 Eurorack filter, my first filter! Absolutely loved the creamy demos and the dual filter with the right being a bandpass will be very interesting coupled with WORNG Vector Space. I think I liked this filter more than any I’ve ever heard, and not for trying to emulate, but for what it is.


Cant beat a classic! I’m looking forward to my first eastcoast eurorack filter in the coming months!


What are you thinking?

I also love how the 505 doesn’t reduce the low end with resonance, like the Novation Peak’s filter kind of. Sounds absolutely fantastic and not digitally controlled. So thick and creamy.


QPAS. I already have a Make Noise system so it makes sense! they are going stereo now too! I originally wanted to make a quadraphonic setup with it but , their stereo modules look super impressive now!


Oh yea! I had the X-Pan in my cart but my overall price was getting too high to pre-order it.

I’ll be snagging that on day one though. I’m all about stereo. I got the WORNG Vector Space and 4ms Spherical Wavetables Navigator. Those modulation sources + filter + wavetables + stereo field. Wow.

Now I just need it to arrive!


Sounds like a dream! Post it here when you get it! Love to see your setup! :smile:


I’m new to Eurorack. But I sold a synth and spent all the money on trying to form a complete setup but also unlike any prebuilt synths.

I also have a gigantic case that is future proofed lol. I’ll post everything setup when it all arrives, except for that X-Pan.


Nice! My next case is probably going to be a skiff! Pittsburgh 420?
After that… I have a video synth to build 0.0 I will probably get a MDLR case for that!