What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Got these on two on Friday. This one here arrived from an online purchase.

It’s not in as great shape as claimed unfortunately. I’m pretty sure I can fix the issues it has but it needs to be opened up which may be a bit of a challenge to do without really making a mess of it. It’s a VCO drum voice that can be played or triggered.

Depending on how the repair goes I may just rehouse it in a new box or mod the current case to be a desktop module. As it is it is a pretty unique sounding from voice. It should be cool when done.

This guy here I found at my weekly visit to the pawnshop

I’m not sure that I have any plans with the this one really. I’ve missed out on a couple sweet deals of these before and this was priced surprisingly reasonable that I decided to grab it. It’s in great condition so I may just flip it or if I get really ambitious I may mod it. Either way it’s a cool little box despite its simplicity.


DDR 110 score!!!


My synth and guitar rigs are fighting over it since i got one…


DR-110! Had one AGES ago. Very cool :slight_smile:


Is yours a Max? If so, I believe you can buy the Core and register it to your account and it will automatically be upgraded with all the Max algorithms for no extra charge. I might do that myself, actually.


Recently bought a DFAM to partner the Mother-32 I have enjoyed so much. Found a cheap 3rd Moog 60HP case also so plan to add some modules to create a 3 tier stack w/ DFAM & Mother-32 with loads of functions below. Just need to find power! The DFAM alone thus far is really inspiring though for techno type happy accident stuff.


I have been toying with the idea of a couple of DFAMs for the longest time… I just don’t know where I’d put them - my room is stuffed wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling.


Its a super fun box - very organic.


It s a Max :slight_smile:

But i play the guitar too casually to justify another investment like that.


You certainly can do this. Worth doing if you see a cheap H9 Core.


I ‘even’ think about a second one :smiley:


Just purchased a A&H Qu-Pac, with the 16-channel snake bundled up for a total of 32 inputs. I intend to finally multi-track record live hardware jams into Ableton. I’ve been using an 8-input interface for ages, and the recording/arranging part of making the tracks has become a buzz kill.

This should enhance my workflow exponentially.


Me too, and I’ve only had it for a day (and the above-mentioned ability to buy a Core and have all of the Max algorithms and presets on it for no extra charge makes it almost a no-brainer).


Highly recommended tactile control https://www.evenmidi.com/midi-controllers/1-evenmidi-h9-midi-controller.html


Yeah, I’ll be looking out for when those are back in stock!


Deckard’s Dream. I’ve wanted a proper analog polysynth for a while, but haven’t fallen in love with the sound of most modern offerings. Not saying they don’t sound good in their own right, just different tone than vintage synths. I also like that it’s architecture isn’t justice the standard monosynth layout multiplied by x voices. The layered approach really appeals to what I want from a polysynth. From the little I’ve been able to play with it so far it’s everything I’ve always wanted. It has a somewhat limited pallet, but it just always sounds so good while doing it.


Summer is the season of found sounds!


Love those hats and claps on the 110.


@Nils made a little demo of the DR-110 through the Analog Heat. It went from a thin basic rythm to an awesome bottom heavy beat. It was awesome!

If he sees this, maybe he shares the little snippet.


Welcome to the club!

I may spring for an EvenMIDI too if they add Zoia support. I see they support Strymon pedals already.