What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Has that thing got a headphone output? If so; winning!


Most recently, the Empress Zoia because ZOIA! I’ve made a couple of effects patches and, if I can make a decent synth module on it, I’ll be happy. The loopers are super-flexible, too, which is right up my alley. I don’t think it’ll replace my Pigtronix box but it’ll certainly be an accompaniment for some sound smashing.


Tickets for an upcoming Sun Ra Arkestra show.


I saw them last week in Bristol, they were incredible. Hard to believe band leader Marshall Allen is 94! Space is the place :sunglasses:


No, unfortunately not, but its output can drive headphones, you could use a splitter on the output I think.


A Model:Samples that is gonna be the drummer in my live set!


Awesome movie!


Very tasty gear collection. Tell me everything about that mixer! - very intrigued by it


You have a good eye, my man! Yes the mixer is the rug that ties the room together. For a long time I’d thought a dj mixer was what I was looking for in my process, which essentially is live improvisation with some hands on machines.
I looked at many options, really liked the xone db4 Dave mech uses, however I wanted analogue and something aesthetically a bit more to my taste. Also liked the model 1 with six channels and analogue but too pricey. This research led me down the rotary rabbit hole and to mastersounds. No six month waiting list, top sound, built like a tank and has valves which the guitarist in me likes. Got it earlier in the week and had a day off yesterday to hook it up and had a great day in the studio.
In short it’s exactly what I wanted, I’m recording out to zoom H5 and I listened back last night - pretty sure I can crop the recordings and send off to get mastered. Very happy with it.
EQ isn’t drastic but excellent for balancing and morphing between channels, low end is great but more importantly it makes it obvious when to cut bass from a sound or sample. It’s also very musical and doesn’t get harsh. Level meters are useful.
Most importantly I’m mixing by ear and loving it.
Ultimately it doesn’t have a million feature but when it sounds so good and suns the channels so well, you don’t need them.


Thanks bud, does it have separate cue output? Maybe it doesn’t make sense to have that on a DJ mixer ?


No but it has a pair of 1/4” booth outputs and a REC output on RCAs, along with the XLR main outs. I’m using REC out and it’s fine. Booth outs are going to OT in AB so I can grab loops. Also has an FX insert and return.
For cue it has some cool features - you can set the level meters to cue level on one and main out on the other. I haven’t used cue yet as I tend to get things roughly setup then hit record. My mistakes are often my best bits.


Thanks for the insight, I’m on the quest for a compact high end ish analog mixer and this keeps coming up. Cheers


OT2. Looking forward to getting back to some creative sampling. Cut my teeth on Akai S1000 & S1100 before moving on to an S3000. Recently I’ve been ‘in the box’, using Renoise as a massive sampler which works well enough but I’m definitely a hardware person. Just need to pick up a CF card now!


Another pedal, and this one’s surely a keeper. My intention was to find a high-quality effects pedal that could easily be moved around my room.


I’ve swung back and forth in this since it’s release. I think bang for buck, it’s unbeatable.


Just bought a circuit and a shruthi 1.

Im already thinking about flipping the circuit, but I think the shruthi will be a keeper. These are to play with the OT, so whichever works best will be the ultimate champion.


Yeah, that’s just it. I have an old Eventide (GTR4000) and another very old one (H910) in my desk, but I wanted something that I could move around the room and tweak away from the desk/racks. I like the small footprint of this thing and I like that I can edit it from the computer or iPad when I need to. I have it connected to my VCS3 at the moment and been flipping through the presets and doing some minor tweaking. I keep getting lost in jamming, so I imagine it’s a keeper!


Oooft! Yeah man, drenching a VCS3 in 'verb would result in me never leaving the studio again!


I picked up a Field Kit FX for my sound design workstation (OT food)


Recently adopted a sweet old lady from Asheville, NC. Plan on spending some quality time getting to know each other, and hopefully she’ll get me good presents on holidays!