What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Shop near me has a used fulltone, be interested to hear your thoughts on it.


At the very least, your cat will enjoy the warmth coming off the Analog Heat (seriously, they can get pretty hot after jamming out for a bit). I actually like to turn mine on about 20 minutes before using it. Sort of like pre-heating an oven.


As close to my old Echoplex EP-3 as it can get. Mine suffers from a very, very (nearly inaudible) low-level hum. I’ve never figured out why. It may be simply the nature of the beast. The supplied ground-lifter plug helps immensely. The sound is otherwise pristine. It can be difficult to dial in the perfect time with the slide bar (this was also true of the Echoplex). Buying used might be risky, as Fulltone don’t seem eager to support secondhand owners.


My latest purchase is (I already own one,…) an LXR Drumsynth Kit. I intend to build a case around it in summer, and put the old one into storage as backup unit.


are there kits again? Where from? I thought they were sold out and I want one



Yeah, they are in stock again. They are very nice people! If you need a case, there are only b-grade erica ones, but half price. I’ve chosen to do a wooden one. :smiley:


thanks… weirdly it is still saying out of stock for me… maybe I missed them!

I am going to get PCBs if I can’t get a kit and build from there. Intending to cut my own case as I have access to a laser cutter…


Dang, your’e late.
I think they did like 10 kits. If you really, really, really wanna be my lov… no.
If you really, really, really want to have one you should write them. That’s what I did. And if you got a chance get that trigger backplate too.


ah, blast. I’m probably OK with PCBs anyway tbh, I have half the components left over from other things, so it’ll probably work out a similar price…



Empressive :wink:


I bought some pads for my headphones. They started to peel.


Going to pop it out and put it into my unused 420HP Eurorack case! The rest of my modules (and blank panels) won’t arrive until next week.

@virtualpt Been getting a good amount of marketing emails regarding the Empress. Looks extremely nice.


I had one when they first came out which I eventually sold in the big synth churn… but it was a lovely thing. Wouldnt turn my nose up at another myself.


Goes excellently with my Octatrack and Digitone… I have a Polara reverb for my guitar and wow, throw the Mother 32 through that and a delay pedal, set it to the modulation, reverse, or halo reverb and it’s stunning. I like it more than the Sub Phatty I recently sold, because it has a larger range for softer and subtle sounds (and it’s semi-modular). The SP is one of my favorite sounding modern Moogs, but it’s pretty aggressive.

Got the M32 for $499 new during the Moog sale, worst case scenario I lose $50-$100 if I take care of it and need to sell, which I wouldn’t except for a Matriarch…


aye - used to run mine through my MF104M a lot; also sounded great.

I may need to scratch the Moog itch again at some point. Matriarch or Grandmother seem most probable. Had a Sub37 for a while, but in the end the constant grit / lack of ability to clean it up meant I tired of it. The GM and Matriarch dont seem to suffer from the same issues though. Nor did the Mother32 for that matter.


That’s just how I felt, and IMO the SP was almost always grittier than the demos I heard of the Sub37… The Matriarch, Grandmother and M32 are perfect palettes for me… Not sure I could afford the Matriarch without selling the M32, and also dependent on if Elektron releases a new box, but… Come July I might be able to save enough.


end of the year job for me… I think the prices will calm down a bit by then


Intentions: Distort all the things!


got this midi merge/thru/interface dingus. pretty neat thing.



I purchased one of these, it’s not sexy, but over 2% growth seemed better than the immediate 20% drop in value when buying gear :nerd_face: