What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Finally found a cheap compressor that works brilliantly.
If you play a Bass and need decent compression for home recordings, GET THIS.
Clear as a bell. I’m staring at it as I’m recording with perfect levels, thinking WTF is this magical box.
Going to be doing more home recording, and redo Bass samples for the AR.
I’ve got a bass session coming up so gonna compare it with the compressors at the studio, because I think this box is just as good. And probably 5 to 10x cheaper.


And here’s my other Bass box purchased not too long ago. Toraiz AS-1.
First patch on the box, and a familiar sequence I ripped off from a little known tune. :lying_face:


This thing is amazing. If you are sitting on the fence considering getting one, then pull the trigger. Mind blown - such fun!!


As it turns out, I’m not too thrilled with the Replicator Junior. It’s a beautifully built machine, but as you suggest, the proprietary tapes might be an issue. Scarcity doesn’t bother me - as I said, I’d pry one open in a pinch and re-thread some new tape in - but it’s the quality of the cartridges that gives me pause. The splice point is annoyingly audible. This isn’t a problem on my other tape echoes, save for the 65-year-old Brennell. The speed also fluctuates a bit too much. I’m afraid I may be returning this one. I’ll give it a few more days to be sure, though. I’ve only been playing with it for a bit.


If you are mega into tape machines , I will probably be dropping some cash next year for this tape machine : space case tape echo 2 ( I have never owned one) https://www.spacecasetapeecho.com/
They seem to do everything ive ever wanted a tape machine to do in eurorack format. I am choosing this over the t-rex however I think its around 1000 usd to buy. So depends on budget. Definitely worth a check out AND they will be releasing commercially quite soon supposedly. (check out muffwigglers for more info on that one )


MasterSounds mixer!
Channel 1
DFAM + Superdelay, and Mather in to DN
Channel 2
Lyra 8 into AH2
Channel 3
OT2 Cue or guitar
Booth out to OT2 in AB
REC OUT to recorder, possibly cassette deck.

Replace shelf with something cut properly!



Looking forward to some sounds from all that lovely gear!


That Spacecase looks nice. On the Replicator Junior: I’m finding that with some very fine adjustments, I can get good results. I can still hear the splice if I solo the tape with no incoming signal, but it’s not as bad as it was yesterday. It’s frustrating because I want to love the thing. It’s so beautifully built. However, I am on the fence about keeping it. I’ve got an RMA from the dealer, so I am set to send it back - and yesterday I was convinced that I would. However this morning I’m not so sure…


Just got Rene v2 and brains for my SS. Pumped to learn how to use them!


A Proteus 2000. Always loved the E-MUs and haven’t had one since I sold a 2500 and 6400 a few years ago, so it’s nice to get one back that doesn’t take up much space. Plenty of polyphony, great selection of samples and programming depth when you need it. They’re insanely cheap these days for such a powerful synth.

I’m hankering after a virus next, used to have a TI for a few years but the TI bit was a headache and psychologically put me off it. I might go for a C so I’m not tempted to go down that road again, but maybe it will work better these days… it’s stupid because I should have just pretended it was hardware only and everything would have been fine, but it’s not easy to think like. But I’ve never had much luck with Overbridge and the A4 and it hasn’t bothered me, but I still hope one day it will work properly, the DT is working great with it.


Wow that is intense!


It might be worth A Bing it with the big version of the pedal. Maybe it will be better?


Thats a really great setup. Right up my street.


Latest purchase for a gig

Still the industry standard for excellent gain-before-feedback performance on stage. The AKG D5 I had for gig duties before just doesn’t compete IME :diddly:


Latest purchase: Analog Heat


DRUMS :white_check_mark:
SYNTHS :white_check_mark:
SPACE-TIME :white_check_mark:
MY SENSE OF REALITY :white_check_mark:
MY CAT :white_check_mark:


Pls send pics of distorted cat


She’s not into it.


Oh lawd she got dat overdrive. Looks like some phasing too! :hushed:


Pittsburgh SV-1 with an 84 HP case! Actually waiting for the case because I have no power supply atm. I intend to learn the thing and build some DIY modules to go with it. Intend to use it much like my Bass Station II, multitracking for beats, but who knows if it will change my flow.


I think I’ll just let this one go. The big one looks nice, too, but uses the same questionable cartridge. I will stick with my Fulltone, Brennell, and Multivox units for now. Each have their own drawbacks, but no worse than this Replicator. Back it goes.