What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


I fiddled around with Ardour a bit for years, but Reaper seems to like my JACK setup better, for some reason, as Ardour would constantly throw up xruns where Reaper with Cadence is much more forgiving, and hence usable.


Wow, you weren’t kidding! This is a very nice synth, thank you.


My latest purchase was an Organelle by Critter & Guitari. I was very tempted to start with Eurorack but took a step back. It’s just a very expensive rabbit hole. The Organelle is quite an interesting addition to my Digitakt/Digitone setup because of it’s flexibility - it can really be anything and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. Very fun to sample.


T-rex filed for bankrupcy 2 month ago, i presume they are clearing out inventory.


Yeah, I read about that back in March. I have hope that they won’t vanish… The original founders have bought back the brand and are re-structuring the company: https://www.musicradar.com/news/t-rex-engineering-is-far-from-extinct-as-it-announces-reboot (this may be why the price has gone back up at Sweetwater)


If only there was a stereo model of that tape echo… Been GASing for one


Latest purchase: Digitakt
Why: to get away from laptop


The t Rex replicator (big one) can be bought at Thomann for 440€. Or do I get something wrong. Usually it’s more like 800€, isn’t it?


Buy 2 they are on sale =)


They’ve been going on sale periodically with really big discounts. Grab while you can!


I’ve always wanted the T. rex pedal however i would be wary of their unique tapes you need to replace!


They both come with a boxed spare. In a pinch, I’m not afraid of prying the cartridge open and re-spooling some new tape in. On the other hand, old, degraded tapes can sound quite special (I’ve always regretting changing the tape in the better of my two Multivox tape echoes. The old tapes sounded really cool - lots of noise to process).


Won an Access Virus Indigo for a bargain price on eBay. I’d been keeping an eye out for a cheap one for a while - a Virus B was one of my first synths, but in all honesty I never spent the proper time to learn it and back then didn’t understand synthesis that well, so I sold it when I moved, but recently have been getting really into the Blofeld and I love the kind of 90s sound it’s famous for (but I know it can do loads more).

Got this one for nearly the same as I paid for the B, and it looks much cooler :sunglasses: and the keyboard will be very useful even if it’s not the best quality. So yeah, excited to pick it up, happy to have got a bargain, and I think it’ll scratch the itch for a more “knobby” synth for a while that had been making me think about the Minilogue - if I’m honest I think I prefer a deep sound engine with a bit of menu diving to a fairly basic analog one. Who am I kidding though, I’ll get a Minilogue one day :joy:


Great advice! thanks!


I just bought a few more roland boutiques Ju06 and the vp03, just to hear what the hype is all about. I can always resell them anyway. No pic today.


I bought a used tb03 boutique for $200. Thought I relive 90s acid house. Whos with me?




I also have a Command Station - still love it but it’s temperamental these days. Been considering a Pyramid as an eventual replacement hardware sequencer for the “tie it all together and play songs” duty.


Just bought a Faderfox PC4 to use it along all my Elektrons…


i treat Command Station rather as a synth.

its sequencer is really powerful, but it’s optional in my rig, and can be easily replaced with another one.

but there’s no other synth like Command Station with X-Lead ROM.