What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Succummed to the deal. Mono station on it’s way.


Bought a few things in the last month or so:
Roland V-Synth: wanted a simple sample mangler and a JP8000. This definitely covers both bases and more. Been very impressed and privileged to finally have some private time with this classic. People diss D-Beams, but using it to scroll through a sample or speed/slow it it amazingly responsive. On fact the whole interface is top shelf. The fx are really nice also. Definitely keeping.
Focusrite Compounder: Bought this compressor purely for kick and bass. So far tried it with a VG line 9Q9, and yep, definitely adds weight, along with a little grunge. Surprised how hot the casing gets though.
Roland Integra: Been wanting to explore a JV/XV synth for a long time. This came up locally so jumped on it. Spent a couple of hours so far going through sounds and feel like I have hardly touched the surface. Spent some of last night running loops from Rachmaninoff and Debussy midi files out to it while messing with the 3rd party editor. Impressed especially with the supernatural pianos, guitars and plucks.


DIY is very satisfying. I just finished building the ttsh (arp 2600 clone) and boy did it take long , but its fantastic to have a bit of synth history to make music with now! (and for a lot less than the real thing!)


the ttsh cracks me up, because assembled ones sell for what I paid for my 2600 a decade ago. which was a lot then, and they’re double that now (and more, sometimes).

building it yourself is the way to go though. if you buy an assembled one and there’s issues down the road, will a tech know how to fix them? you learn the circuits yourself when you build it, so you can fix the issues in the future. plus, obviously, it’s cheaper to DIY.


Focusrite Scarlett 18i20.
I had an Adio M USB Interface but it’s not supporting Win 10 anymore and always killing my PC.
So I invested some money (luckily only 285€ on ebay) and I’m very happy with the result.


your totally right , Its my gateway to cheap gear. Next on the list is outboard gear. a dual LA2A compressor by drip electronics! and maybe their Pultec clone too!
I am currently building the deckards dream! first time doing SMD , only one small woopsie so far which I can correct!


I wouldn’t call DIY for a Deckard’s “cheap” - less expensive, perhaps! I keep mulling the idea to dive in on either Deckard’s or Kijimi, but I don’t have the time to commit to it just yet. Also, thanks for turning me on to Drip Electronics. I hadn’t seen them before.


Got a (used) Modal Skulpt and a (new) Arturia Audiofuse on the way. And a Rode NT1A mic. The intention is to round off this setup (with my MacBook instead of the iPhone).


Drunken ebay model samples purchase…not sure what i was thinking. Time will tell, if it stays.


Just got this with the intention of pairing it with the VCS3 for an album I’m working on. They’re being sold at blow-out prices in some places. I like that it has tap tempo. I’m not sure what I think about it yet, though. I’ve only tried it briefly with my big modular. It’s not too noisy - which is nice - but it saturates pretty easily. I’ll know more when I’ve plumbed the VCS3 through it this weekend.


Cheap compared to the prebuilt! It’s all relative :sunny: :smile:
Drip seem to be the bomb! Cost a bit more than warm audio but the quality is much higher!


I need to hear you play a vcs3 through that!! :100:


h3000, akai s612

expanding the outboard effects rack
some new music concrete work


It’ll be either this, Fulltone Tube Tape Echo, or Multivox Multiecho. Or any combination of the three. I’m adding a couple more mods to the VCS3 tomorrow and then I’ll give it a go.


Flipping hell mate. Killer. I’m saving my pennies for the space case te2 myself! You have some cracking colours to use with that synth! Did you DIY the synthi? I had looked into the phutney clone but I’m on the fence about it! :grinning:


No, my VCS3 is an old MkII with a DK2 keyboard. I’ve had it for many, many years. Recently my son and I have been giving it a thorough restoration, replacing all of the pots and capacitors, doing some modifications and minor repairs. The space case looks really good. I have a mild obsession with tape echoes. My oldest is a very rare Brennell from the late 1950s or early 60s. It actually works pretty well.


Not so much a purchase as a fresh download of Dexed, now that I have a functional Linux DAW (Reaper) to make VSTs worth using (though it also runs hosted by Carla):

All of which means that a) I can finally back up the 20+ year-old patches on my DX7 and b) start learning how to programme the thing without fiddling with two lines of LCD screen, and in real time to boot.


Dexed is fantastic. I miss having a Linux box in my studio. Ardour was my main DAW for many years. Alas, I’ve never found a way to run Kyma in a Linux OS, so my main machine is a Mac nowadays.


another long time linux user here :wink:
but my latest purchase is another story, and i am the happiest musician in the world today:

so, i have RM1x, Command Stations, Roland MC-80, and at last — Pyramid.


Check out AudioKit Synth One if you haven’t already. Very cool, feature packed, free Open Source synth app for iOS (iPhone support added earlier this year).