What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Latest addition to the toolbox

I intend to be finally able to churn out decent mixes using just a single pair of headphones. No more juggling between 3 different headphones that all tell a different story (Focal Spirit Pro / AKG K240 / AT M50x) :blush:

Previously I’ve always had a tradeoff between accurate reproduction of mids/highs vs low freq reproduction… All my other “mixworthy” cans are too bass shy to accurately judge the lowend. Hoping the DT1990’s will finally bring both accuracy and usable low end reproduction!


Never knew those existed. Sexy af


I have one of those! Very nice for the price imho. Fairly compact too.


Ordered a Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine and a Fulltone Secret Freq today. More guitar gear.


My life changed the day I bought my Multiclock.


Sold my old Moog and got the Brute… I intend to take a lot of photos of it, keep it dust free. Just kidding… album no2 coming later this year. :love_you_gesture:


man…this thing keeps popping up. is it WORTH the bucks?I fight freakin midi lag all the time.
Logic jitters like a bitch. and ext fx mess shit up. I guess with clock offset you could offset signal going to FX and adjust for the return?

but thats a bunch of buckers.


What will I use it for? I think all of you might know the answer to that one… One by one every other synth I own has started to leave… except the Digitone. Time to use OB-6 money to build my first modular and order a hot air reflow station for DIY.


I just got one of these … my first Moog … I am blown away, what a piece of equipment!


I posted a couple of weeks ago about my latest/first addition(s) to a new rig after selling off my studio last year to raise some funds. Here’s a pic of it starting to take shape - focus is on minimal/simplicity, small footprint, portability.

The Digitakt was the first addition (previously an OT owner), the Malekko Manther was the latest - just arrived this week and just setting it all up tonight. I will be using the Manther largely as sample food for the DT, - basslines, percussive hits, FX, drones, melodies etc…listened to every bit of audio I could find before ordering it, and just love its’ character and sound. I also plan on sequencing it with the DT, although the onboard sequencer and motion recording provide some interesting opportunities on their own.

My plan is to add a Yamaha Reface CS (pads and poly duty) and call it a day, other than a small mixer and an FX box or 3. I make mostly hip-hop/trip-hop/IDM styles of music - going for the less-is-more approach and seeing how much ground I can cover by learning these pieces inside and out. And damn if the Digitakt and Manther aren’t a handsome couple!


How long did you wait to get one of these.they always seem sold out.thanks


Just sign-up and you get notified when there is coming a new batch. From my experience the waiting time is 3 months. And be very quick when there is coming a new batch.


Nice one.signed up now.cheers


Yeah, the price put me off for a while, but the thing is rock solid. I haven’t had any timing issues with OB in Live or with hardware. It just works, and it’s fantastic. I rarely use the offset or the individual swing settings. No noticeable MIDI drift ever (EVER) was worth it for me.


This was brought to me by a friend last week. I used to have one and missed it dearly, so I am thrilled to have another back in my studio. It has a few issues, but I’ve no doubt that we can get 'em ironed out. For the most part, it performs as it should and sounds as sweet as I’d recalled. Now to find a place to put it!


Got my AH mkII a few weeks ago. It’s helping my Nord Drum 2 a lot getting through the mix when playing with loud drums and guitars :slight_smile:


Got a Digitone and a Medusa, traded some gear that didnt get used.

My intentions are to make sounds with them but right now im just playing around with them while i packing my flat to move together with my girlfriend later this week.

I get a dedicated studio room in the new apartment we are moving to and it was she who insisted on having a studio room.

Do i need to say that she is amazing?


Bought a smoked plasctic thing from @PomPomOne

Might use it as a tray.


Had a Barnes and Noble gift card so I got this book… Going to be doing a lot of DIY stuff over the next few years.

Pretty funny. The literal first section of the preface of the book discusses having GAS (“analog synth greed” here) in the 60s and 70s…


Bought iphone7 because my 6s died
No synths for me , unless it’s a free iOS app.