What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


lool that’s so true


I had a Lead 1 when the 3 was released, and I found there was an obvious difference, but it wasn’t a “bad” difference, just a different vibe.
Apparently it was due to Nords departure from Peter Jubel’s design talents that everyone found it so “different” and as you’d expect, heavily criticised. Didn’t stop thousands of musicians recording with it for ten years.


I Just ordered this:

Planning to shoot myself while jamming.


This guy on GS did a thorough test between the 1 and the 3. Enjoy


Providing my head doesn’t explode with the numerous ways to use these I plan to start work on and publish an Album. Fully retired now for health reasons so going all out on some music projects :slight_smile:

Going for an industrial type sound , melodic not bleepy bloop but also with an 80’s electronic feel.


I’m excited to hear the album :grin:


Definitely not jealous at all! Nuh uh.


Got a Minilogue xd today and I intend to create some techno with it.


Spaceman Polaris for my guitar pedalboard.


Wow, I‘m very intrigued about this! Thanks for showing haha :grin:
Had the Minimooger MF Drive hooked on my setup nonstop since 3 years now! Cool filters in pedal format are kinda rare, compared to eurorack. But so useful for non-eurorack synth users. Plenty of overdrives in the pedal sector, but no filter action.
I think about getting this :face_with_monocle:


Love this new module the make noise morphagene in my rack. I think this One will turn into my Fav Module so many possibilities. Had a lot of fun with the reels last night ultimate soundsource :blush:. Its like working on an old Taperecorder with granular jumps in the samples absolutly awesome. The Belgrad Filter is the cream on the top of the cookie :smiley:


Bought a MOTU TIMEPIECE USB AV, front panel programmable, no need for the computer.
Probably my next piece of gear will be an Octatrack MK2+good reverb pedal to get the poor Octa Reverb out of the equation, or maybe use the AK reverb.


Roland Fp30 stage piano, for hopefully improving my piano skills :slightly_smiling_face:
And playing radiohead songs all day


hey @Scot_Solida I got a new toy you might like! got sick of just using the plugin!


how good are the SSl? congrats as well


one firmware per cable? is that how it works?


Eventide Blackhole VST for €29,- (available until tomorrow). Intention: keep myself from buying Space or H9 pedal and space out big time.


Awesome! I am jealous!


Holy mother of synth Jesus! Oh my look’s like your atleast enjoying your retirement, a lot :smiley:

Healing vibes :sunglasses:


Well I’ll not ever be stuck wondering what to do with myself. Plenty to learn with that lot. I’ve the Squarp Pyramid as the control hub I’ll still be doing plenty of live videos, no computer as usual. :+1: