What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


This must be on topic then… :joy::joy::joy:


:grin: I never saw that movie. That’s ridiculous! I must have watched Flash Gordon about 75 times as a kid though. :smiley: Love it


haha that’s amazing :smile:

dang what a soundtrack :ok_hand:t3:


Princess Aura was one of my first crushes. her and Red the fraggle :joy:




Just sold my DSI Rev 2 16 voice keyboard and Digitakt is up for sale… In the process of setting up an Octatrack MKII purchase with my concierge from Musician’s Friend… Super excited.

Also got a few guitar pedals recently and some maintenance stuff for my guitar’s overall health…

I’ve gone OTB and ITB… I don’t think either is best therefore the best music (from me) is going to come from a mixture of the two as they are simply tools, and do not dictate the product, as opposed to how they’re used… Of course great music comes from either school, but I still believe the best is the middle path.

Plan to release an EP by the end of the year if not a little later… Working on the third track skeleton but I think my entire progress so far will be wiped when I get my Octatrack.


I got her in key chain form with my fragle rock box set. Henson is still ahead of his time with that puppet masterpiece







just arrived…


Bought second hand Nord Lead 3 few weeks ago. It appears to have very mixed reviews? Liking it so far. Anyhoo hope get all this talking with Digitakt. Pondering whether i can use old midi files for 80’s and 90’s fun. Play files via DAW - OB - then save patterns live on DK?


So this is my first post and my first Elektron gear. I got my Digitakt a few weeks ago. So much awesome.



and… I dunno, have to see how much is possible at once!

definitely some Euclidian Beats generative stuff, maybe sending arps to MGB on a gameboy. Possibly making extra LFOs… I dunno. If anyone’s got any good tips let me know!


got a digitone today. my second elektron device after using OT for 7 (8 ?) years as my only elektron machine. what should i say ? sounds fantastic and i love it, but already thinking of workarounds all the time … some of them not necessary ? my intention is to have fun with it !


You got a tribble?!?!


what’s a tribble? :sweat_smile:


Kids these days… :laughing:


baha :joy:

I’m 40 this month :disappointed_relieved:

I was more of a fizzgig fan myself :wink:


40’s the new 30. :wink: I know what I’m talking about, I’m 40… :smile:
It’s hilarious, the past 10 years went by in a flash when I wasn’t looking, haha…
Its just laps around the sun anyway, I’ll stay forever young in spirit and heart. :smiley:


Welcome! (to anonymous synth addicts) :kissing_heart: