What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


0coast for my Digitakt


Lovely capture of colours. And I like the little face there.


Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT Headphones. Want that freedom to move around


I got these two. I want to replace my laptop in my liveset because I was carrying the macbook, interface & controller just for reverb and delay. The H9 runs on Blackhole reverb and the timeline with the dtape mode. Sync to my midi clock works well.


Finally ordered Push, Turn, Move and Patch & Tweak for myself yesterday. My intention is to read the shit out of them and then buy Pedal Crush as soon as it comes out.


I just did a first jam with my new H9 :slight_smile:

Got it paired with a Space for something similar to your setup. In mine Space does the reverbs and H9 the delays/modulations. And there’s the Analog Heat. All 3 sit on separate mixer busses/sends and can be routed in parallel and in series with each other. Makes for a splendid FX setup :smiley:


Oscilloscopes are so dope and even though they have practical applications, I literally just want one for the looks, haha.


Thanks for posting this, got tickets this morning. Should be epic.


Which mixer do you use? I am on a mackie 1604 but would like to have a smaller one that still has at least 3 FX sends.


Mackie 1642vlz4. AH and Space sit on stereo sub-group busses. H9 on a mono aux send.


GFI System Specular Tempus.
Plan to use it with my synths and twist n turn thoose knobs


Malekko Manther. Sold off my entire studio last year to get a business off the ground, the Digitakt and now the Manther are the first pieces of a new rig.


Malleko manther is super cool soundinh synth, it sounds like a baby from 303 and pro1 too me. and it is reliable, it hasn’t froze on e on me :slight_smile: DT too.


Nice starting combo!


just ordered moog dfam… i plan to use my octatrack to trigger kick and hat processed samples, sample dfam and munggle it. can’t wait it to arive



I bought a zoia. this humans profile came up when i searched for pics of it.
I have no idea who they are or why they throw chairs :smile:


i got the little ssl. couldnt help myself. digitakt sounds great through it!


Empress Zoia sounds like the queen in a Marvel comic movie, the lead role is played by the superstar actor Strymon Volante… :grin:


:rofl: hadn’t thought about it like that. it’s so obvious now.

id definitely go see it


Or the Flash Gordon movie from 1980! Emperor Ming and Empress Zoia, ruling the galaxy with an iron fist!